Arachis (Groundnut) Oil

Botanical Name : Arachis Hypogea
Plant Part : Seed
Extraction : Cold Pressed
Origin : India

Product Description:

The groundnuts or peanuts are originally South American, were they were grown by Indian communities. It was introduced to West-Africa (first the Senegambia area) by the Portuguese in the 16th century. Here it spread quickly, though faster in the interior of Africa than along the coast.

Product Color:

Pale to golden yellow

Common Uses:

Groundnut oil is generally used for it for its slightly ‘nutty’ flavour and taste. Due to its stability, it is used for deep frying, sauting and also to make dressings. This oil is suitable for all types of cooking including frying, grilling, sauting, seasoning and tempering. Quite popular in Indian cooking, groundnut oil is also accepted in Chinese cuisine.


None known

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