Cucumber Oil

Botanical Name : Cucumis sativus
Plant Part : Seed
Extraction : Cold Pressed
Origin : India

Product Description:

Cucumber Seed oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds that grow inside the fruit of theCucumis sativus. This careful processing of the seeds ensures its purity and high mineral content – no chemical processes are applied.

Product Color:

Clear yellow liquid

Common Uses:

Cucumber Seed Natural carrier oil is very light with a fatty acid composition that helps to keep the skin fresh, soft and moisturized. It has between 14-20% of oleic acid, high amounts of omega 3, linoleic fatty acid (60-68 %), and the essential fatty acids needed for a healthy skin. It also contains a high level of tocopherols that provide antioxidants. Its high phytosterol content is an important contributor of nutrients for the skin. Cucumber Seed oil can be used in various cosmetic applications for its cooling, nutritive, and soothing properties, and it can be added in various formulations of skin care, hair care and nail care products.


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