Balsam Peru Oil

Botanical Name : Balsamum Tolutanum
Plant Part : Resin
Extraction : Steam Distillation
Origin : India

Product Description:

Balsam of Peru trees thrive mainly along the Balsam Coast where El Salvador meets the PacificOcean, and is often planted as a shade tree on coffee plantations. It has a rich, vanilla-like aroma, making it an affordable substitute in natural perfumery when a sweet vanilla note is desired. Our Balsam of Peru oil is a light amber color, easy to pour and completely soluble in fixed carrier oils. It makes a great fixative in natural perfumer

Product Color:

Light yellow to dark brown

Common Uses:

Therapeutically, Balsam of Peru has been used traditionally for a multitude of skin disorders, rheumatism, respiratory conditions.


It is called balsam of peru as it was imported from Callao via Peru, although the source plant in not indigenous to Peru. Nicolas Monardes, the acclaimed spanished physcian and botanist knew about it during the fifteenth century. The drug was first officially documented in German Pharmacopoeia.

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