Harshiangar Oil

Botanical Name : Nyctanthes Arbortristis
Plant Part : Leaf
Extraction : Steam Distillation
Origin : India

Product Description:

Night-flowering Jasmine, Parijat or Harshiangar, scientifically known as Nyctanthes arbor-tristis is known as the Tree of sorrow and the word Nyctanthes means sad tree. This is due its flowers that appear dull during the daytime and turn bright during the night. The entire tree including its leaves, flowers, bark, seeds and stem is known to have amazing medicinal properties for which the tree has been used in various traditional and alternative healing methodologies for more than thousands of years. Harshiangar essential oil is extracted from the leaves by steam distillation method. These curative leaves have been used in the Ayurvedic medicine for treating arthritis, sciatica, fever, pain, constipation, anxiety and rheumatism.

Common Uses:

Harshiangar oil relieves pain and inflammation, Cures malaria and other bilious fevers, Fights against free radicals, Combats virus and other micro-organisms. Apart from these major health benefits, Harshiangar essential oil is helpful in stimulating the immune power, make the body resistant against diseases, prevent illnesses that affect the liver, calms the mind with its sedative effect, clears congestion, treats constipation, asthma, dyspepsia, bronchitis and many other health conditions.


Harshiangar tree has a long history behind its name and its use in the traditional healing systems. The most fascinating myth behind this tree is a heartbreaking romance where an ancient princess named Parijataka fall in love with the Surya Dev, the Sun God captivated by his brilliance and masculinity. Parijat tree is said to have started from the cremated ashes of this true to life princess

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