Aloe Vera Gel: A Natural Remedy For Hemorrhoids

The aloe vera plant has been touted as a natural remedy to so many health problems. It is rarely used outside the United States because it does not grow there, but its great reputation for nurturance and healing remains. The gel that is extracted from the leaves of this succulent plant is often used in wound care products due to its regenerative properties. Recently, aloe vera gel has been receiving more attention from cosmetic manufacturers due to its moisturizing and soothing properties which make it an excellent treatment for skin conditions such as dryness and dermatitis. As the popularity of aloe vera gel continues to grow, its use in hemorrhoid treatment will most likely get more popular shortly.

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Aloe vera is a common ingredient found in many products that are used for external and internal healing. The beneficial bacteria contained within aloe leaves have been known to help treat a wide range of conditions such as dermatitis, burns, wounds, and even diarrhea. It contains a large amount of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C which allows it to help heal wounds and other skin ailments. Aloe vera gel also has natural antibacterial properties. Aloe Vera Gel can be used as an effective treatment for hemorrhoids. It can be used directly on the affected area for immediate relief from pain and swelling. Aloe vera gel is often used in various forms to treat these pain conditions including cold compresses, ointments, gels, and topical creams.

Benefits Of Using Aloe Vera Gel For Hemorrhoids:

1) For Dissolving Hemorrhoids

Many people have turned to aloe vera to help dissolve a hemorrhoid. To do this, one must apply the gel directly onto the anus two times per day for a month or longer, depending on the size of the hemorrhoids.

2) For Shrinking Hemorrhoids

Another popular use for aloe vera is to shrink hemorrhoids over time. To do this, one must apply it directly onto the anus four times per day and take oral supplements as well. Most people who have tried this method have reported that their symptoms lessen within 6 weeks of treatment.

3) To Alleviate Inflammation

Another reason why aloe vera gel is so popular for treating hemorrhoids is that it is great at reducing the inflammation that can be caused by hemorrhoids. Aloe has been known to relieve pain and swelling that are present during an inflammatory process which can be caused by either straining or sitting on the anus.

4) For Improving Digestion

Another benefit of using aloe vera gel for hemorrhoids is that it helps improve digestion. The mucus membranes within the body contain natural anti-bacterial agents which help to fight off germs that cause problems within our digestive tract. The aloe vera gel, therefore acts as an antiseptic within the body and prevents infections from lining up in the gut.

5) For Soothing Swelling

Another benefit of using aloe vera gel for hemorrhoids is that it has an anti-swelling property. To use aloe vera for this purpose, you must apply a light coating of it on the anus every time you urinate. The gel’s swelling-prevention properties can then be used to reduce any inflammation in the body and prevent further swelling from occurring.

6) For Moisturizing Skin

Aloe vera gel will also act as a natural moisturizer that is safe for use on the skin. Using aloe vera within the genital area can improve dryness that is commonly associated with hemorrhoids and other conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema.

7) For Treating Skin Conditions

Many people who suffer from psoriasis have found relief by using aloe vera gel. Applying it directly onto the affected area will help to alleviate the itchiness and other uncomfortable symptoms that often come with psoriasis outbreaks.

8) For Pain-Relieving Properties

Aloe gel has been known to have pain-relieving effects on the anus. The gel can also help the muscles in the anus to relax which can relieve discomfort and swelling that are present when sitting down on the toilet a great deal.

9) For Laxative Properties

The anti-fermenting compounds found within aloe vera gel are known to work as an effective laxative that helps to increase bowel movements over time. Methods for applying it directly onto the anus include applying it directly onto the area, rubbing it into your skin, or applying a small amount on a cotton swab.

10) For Cancer

Aloe vera gel has also been known to help treat certain types of cancer such as cholangiocarcinoma and lymphoma. Studies have shown that some cancer cells were affected by aloe vera gel which helped slow down the spreading of the disease. The gel was also found to reduce inflammation in the body, boost immune function, reduce nutritional needs, and help retard the replication of cancer cells.

How To Use Aloe Vera Gel For Hemorrhoids?

How To Use Aloe Vera Gel For Hemorrhoids?

Step 1: If you choose to use aloe vera gel for hemorrhoids, you will need to find an aloe vera gel that has not been diluted or filtered. Pure aloe vera gel will contain the most nutrients and beneficial ingredients.

Step 2: You will need to apply the raw gel onto your anus as directed by your doctor. Many people have found success in applying it directly onto the anus two times per day for a month or longer depending on the size of the hemorrhoids.

Step 3: You may also choose to take oral supplements with your treatment because this can help get rid of hemorrhoids over time. Taking a probiotic supplement has also been found to help dissolve hemorrhoids within 6 weeks.

Step 4: You will need to keep using aloe gel on your anus until you have experienced relief from the symptoms of your hemorrhoid. If you use it only occasionally, you may experience symptoms repeating in a few weeks. After 3 times of using the gel every day for a month, most people who have tried aloe vera are expected to experience relief from their symptoms within 6-8 weeks.

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1) Is aloe vera gel safe to use for hemorrhoids?

Yes, aloe vera gel is generally safe to use for hemorrhoids. However, it is important to consult with your doctor before using a topical ointment or cream on your anus due to the high concentration of the gel. If you are pregnant or nursing, you should avoid using aloe vera on your penis because it can cause some harmful effects. If you have heart disease, diabetes, certain types of cancer, constipation problems, or an enlarged prostate gland, you should also avoid using aloe vera on the anus to prevent problems from occurring within these organs.

2) Is aloe vera gel better than bio-glide?

Bio-glide is a hemorrhoid cream that is very popular among people who suffer from hemorrhoids. Aloe vera gel is also beneficial for those with hemorrhoids but can be more draining on the body as it is not absorbed as quickly as a cream.

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