Lavandin Oil

Botanical Name : Lavandula grosso
Plant Part : Flowering Head
Extraction : Steam Distillation
Origin : India

Product Description:

Lavandin Grosso is an aromatic evergreen shrub that is much larger than true Lavender. The flowering heads are more compressed with a dull, gray blue color.

Product Color:

Clear light yellow

Common Uses:

Lavandin is used almost exclusively for scent. Many commercial manufacturers use both Lavandin Grosso and Lavandin Super as replacements for Lavender 40/42. However, it should be noted that Lavandin has a much rougher, camphor type fragrance that is not as well rounded as traditional Lavender 40/42. It is also reputed to have applications with colds and head congestion.


This hybrid apparently evolved naturally near the seas in Spain, Italy and France. It is now commercially produced in these same countries.


Due to the high camphor content, Lavandin should be avoided during pregnancy and by those with epilepsy.

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