Pimento Berry Oil

Botanical Name : Pigmentuo Officinalis
Plant Part : Leaf
Extraction : Steam Distillation
Origin : India

Product Description:

This evergreen tree is indigenous to the West Indies and South America and reaches about 10 meters in height (approximately 30 feet) and begins to produce fruit in its third year.

Product Color:

Dark brownish green liquid.

Common Uses:

Pimento Leaf Essential Oil is credited with the following properties: as an anesthetic, analgesic, antioxidant, antiseptic, carminative, muscle relaxant, rubefacient, stimulant and tonic.

Blends Well With

Ginger,Geranium,Lavender,Orange,Patchouli, andYlang-ylang.


Pimento Leaf Essential Oil is also referred to as allspice. This is because of the combination of scents it demonstrates cloves, juniper berry, cinnamon and pepper.


Pimento Leaf Essential Oil can irritate mucous membranes, and should be used only in dilution as it can be a dermal irritant. Avoid use during pregnancy.

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