Sugandha Bala Oil

Botanical Name : Pavonia Odorata
Plant Part : Leaf
Extraction : Steam Distillation
Origin : India

Product Description:

The root of the Sugandha bala plant mainly crop ups in short and small, different uneven pieces about 6 cm high and 7-11 cm in diameters manifest with crossways ridges and numerous bearing, outstanding or major, spherical tubercles, to a few on below surface, which is attached with thick rootlets. The upper exterior of plant of Valeriana wallichii bears the just leaves remains. The corm is tough and hard from inside; and the colour is greenish-red..

Common Uses:

The oil gives very interesting effects in combination with Patchouli, Costus, Cypriol etc. In Chypre variation and other Perfumery Compounds, Tobacco Industries and Fruit Beer Flavours


Sugandha Bala Essential Oil is gaining in popularity as a natural alternative to commercially available sedatives.

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