Find Your Balance: Pulse Points And Essential Oils

Pulse points are the specific places on the body, usually in both palms and soles of the feet, where energy can be felt to the highest degree. For example, if you place your left hand on your heart while placing your right hand on the bottom of your belly, you would feel a strong pulse in both hands. This is because these areas are closer to our organs than others. Essential Oils don’t just smell amazing – they help balance our emotions and bring peace when it’s needed most. There are over one thousand different types (and counting) that can be used as a natural way to manage emotional instability or mental focus. The nose knows best and can tell you if the scent is right for you. Not all essential oils are created equal. Some smell stronger than others, while others don’t smell at all.

Best Pulse Points On The Body For Essential Oils:

1) Palms of the hands and the top of the feet are most open to absorbing oils. This is why anxiety, stress, and depression can be noted quicker if placed at these points. Lavender, basil, grapefruit, and lemon are the best scents for neutralizing anxiety.

2) Right below the earlobes, right on top of your collarbone, is where you feel a slight vibration in energy. When you have a headache or just need to relax, this area is perfect for mixing ginger and frankincense oil.

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3) The sternum (breastbone) is one of the most sensitive areas in terms of energy flow. For girls, the breasts are a very sensitive area. You can’t have enough of it! Put a drop of lavender and vetiver in between your breasts to start the day off right.

4) The center of where your stomach meets your body is another great place to apply oils.

5) The back of the neck is another great area that can be treated with essential oils. You can apply them to this area and it will relax you at the same time that it purges toxic energy.

6) Your ankles are another spot to try out essential oil therapy. It’s supposed to help soothe post-surgery soreness and aches – especially when applied topically at this point.

7) The bottoms of our feet are highly sensitive to energy and blood flow.

Different Ways To Apply Essential Oils On Pulse Points:

1) Diffuse essential oils into the air with one of these aromatherapy diffusers. This is a great way to purify the air we breathe. Aromatherapy diffuser benefits include more focus, better sleep, and less stress.

2) Put a drop on your wrist or behind your ears. This is a great way to calm down those who are having trouble sleeping because you can notice it right away if it’s too strong for your liking. These spots react more with the skin and allow your sense of smell to kick in easier.

3) Rub it on your hands or feet. You can rub the oil on your feet before bed and slip on socks to allow the oils to absorb for a better night’s sleep.

4) Put a drop on your clothing and around your neck. This will help you to feel relaxed as you walk about the room, campus, or whatever else you may be doing.

5) Shower with it! It works best in the shower because that is where we wash off most of our toxins.

Best Essential Oils Used On Pulse Points:

Best Essential Oils Used On Pulse Points:

1) Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil help you feel energized and focused. The smell of citrus oils has been proven to improve memory, focus, and attention. It’s also great for anxiety because it stimulates enzymes in the liver that give the body an increased supply of energy and improves circulation.

2) Lavender Essential Oil

This is used for many different purposes, including sleep support. The lavender essential oil has also been shown to be effective at alleviating stress and depression. If lavender can help your pallet relax, it can help you!

3) Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil is good for everything from relieving arthritis pain to helping people who suffer from headaches or migraines. This is an all-star essential oil, and one that’s great to use any time of the day. It’s a favorite among dorms because you can put it in your room to help you fall asleep faster.

4) Frankincense Essential Oil

This oil has been used for thousands of years throughout history. It’s very popular with monks who wear it in their ritual incense as a way to absorb wisdom from the universe. This is also helpful for people who need more focus, and concentration, or just want to feel calmer and happier.

5) Cardamom Essential Oil

Cardamom essential oil is often used by those who are feeling anxious or stressed because of its calming effects on the body and mind. It helps to relieve headaches, improve sleep, and clear the mind. It makes a difference in any situation that you can be feeling anxious about.

6) Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood essential oil is a favorite among females who use it for menstrual cramps, vaginitis, body odor, or just plain old stress associated with heavy metal toxicity. This is an all-star essential oil that’s great to have on hand no matter what your purpose is. If you are having trouble breathing at night because of concentrated toxins in your bloodstream, this is a very good choice for you! Just put it right behind each nostril or on the soft area between your nostrils until you feel better.

7) Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang essential oil can help you feel relaxed and better rested. It’s often used to help ward off depression because of its ability to relieve anxiety and improve your sleep at the same time. It’s also great for improving mood swings, helping with mood support, and as an antidepressant that helps get rid of cravings.

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1) What precautions should be kept in mind before using essential oils at the pulse point?

Do not have flare-ups or infections for at least 3 months after using essential oils for any specific reason. The ideal way to dilute essential oils is to add 10 drops of essential oil to one ounce of pure witch hazel for a bath solution, or 20 drops per 1 ounce of pure water. It’s best to mix the two in high-quality glass bottles so you can see if the mixture is right or not.

2) Are there a lot of other places where you can apply essential oils?

Yes! There are many different spots to apply essential oils besides pulse points. Cover your entire hands with them, from the tips of your finger to your wrists. Apply on top of your wrists, armpits, back of neck, chest, and shoulders. You can also spray them directly onto your mouth and down your throat as well. Essential oil smells will stay there much longer than if they were applied on top of the pulse points on the body route.

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