Lavender Oil: A Natural Scorpion Repellent

Have you ever noticed bugs or scorpions crawling around your home? How can we not mention the painful and damaging sting of bugs especially scorpions which can create health damage in your body? Scorpions can be deadly and their stings are the last thing that you would ever want in your life why it is very unusual to notice scorpions inside your home they may appear if you reside near a beachy or tree-like area. Repelling scorpions while they crawl into your home is the best thing you can do. Using Lavender oil for scorpions works well to free your house from other insects bugs and scorpions. Yes, you heard it right. Are you confused if lavender Essential oil for scorpions works or not? Well, today in this blog we will discuss everything about scorpion repellent and how Lavender oil for scorpions works.

Lavender Essential oil is widely known to deter insects bugs mosquitoes and other fleas. What did you know that you can also use Lavender oil for scorpions to repel them and restrict their entrance into your home? Yes, this is true. Lavender Essential Oil is a very strong oil that is loaded with some amazing qualities that help to deter scorpions. While lavender Essential oil might feel like a very important ingredient for human beings, it is truly the most toxic one for scorpions. Using Lavender oil as scorpion repellant makes a wide difference as it also keeps mosquitoes and bed bugs away from your space.

Several people these days use Lavender oil for mosquito repellent and Lavender oil for bed bugs to keep their cozy space safe and secure. In the meantime, they didn’t even know that using Lavender oil for these purposes might also serve as an ideal scorpion replant.

Does Lavender Oil For Scorpion Repellant Work?

Yes, it does. Scorpions are usually detected near water areas like the beach and lakes. You will mostly notice them in your house near the bathroom sink and also around the shower area. They reside near water-prone areas and you will find them exactly there. Using Lavender oil for scorpions is the best thing you can do to repel them.

Lavender Essential oil is very toxic. Yes, you heard it right. Lavender Essential oil is an amazing option for human beings but not for scorpions. Scorpions hate the fragrance of lavender Essential oil. So using it for scorpion repellant works amazingly well. You can simply pour a few drops of lavender Essential oil cleaning your house with a mop and the results will be evident in just a few weeks.

The potential of lavender Essential oil cannot be compared to other Essential oils for scorpion repellant. It is amazing to know that lavender Essential oil is very strong and potent which helps to deter scorpions effectively. You just have to be very careful while using Lavender oil for scorpion repellant.

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Lavender Essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties. We know you might be thinking does that make any sense, especially for scorpions? Well, it does. The anti-inflammatory qualities of lavender Essential oil are very beneficial for human beings. But when it comes to scorpions it works like a poison. Of course, it doesn’t kill scorpions at the moment but it helps to repel them to a great extent.

The lavender plant has a very strong and flowery fragrance. A whiff of the same might repel scorpions and may never lead them to your home. Using it in your daily routine helps to deter scorpions and other bugs and insects.

How To Use Lavender Oil As A Repellent For Scorpions?

How To Use Lavender Oil As A Repellent For Scorpions?
  • Essential oils are very strong. Using it daily in your cleaning routine helps to replace scorpions effectively. You might not notice scorpions bugs insects mosquitoes and flees around your house if you use lavender Essential oil daily.
  • Lavender oil for scorpions has medicinal and coming qualities that keep them away from your home and also promote an ambiance of serenity and peace.

If you are wondering how to use lavender Essential oil as repellent for scorpions then check out the remedies mentioned below:

  • You can simply add a few drops of lavender Essential oil while cleaning your house for that soothing fragrance and to deter scorpions.
  • Another way to use Lavender oil for scorpions is to make a DIY Spray for scorpion repellent.

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  • In a spray bottle add water.
  • Now simply pour lavender Essential oil and tea tree Essential oil for scorpion repellent in the mentioned quantity.
  • Close the lid of the spray bottle and shake it well.
  • Make sure that everything is mixed.
  • Now simply spray it around the corners of your house and the areas where scorpions usually reside.
  • You can also spray it near the wash basin, sink, and around the shower area.


Lavender Essential oil is truly one of its kind and has some drool-worthy properties for human beings and even scorpions. It is very important to note that lavender Essential oil does not kill the scorpions. You can be assured that you are not guilty of killing insects or animals with your strong poison-like remedy. Just make sure to spray the scorpion repellant spray every time you see insects bugs or mosquitoes around your house. Another point that you should keep in mind is to use pure lavender Essential oil. Using low-quality and cheap essential oils will bring in zero effects on scorpions at Moksha Lifestyle we offer 100% high-quality, pure, and organic essential oils that are meant to be used for several purposes.

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