Lip Love: Unveiling The Benefits Of Argan Oil For Your Pout

Argan oil the golden liquid that transforms your skincare routine has countless uses. Yes, you heard it right. Argan oil has been very popular as it provides next-level nourishment to your hair and a glowing radiance to your skin. But what about your lips? People usually tend to ignore the condition of their lips and consider the reason for dehydration and loss of water. While this is true to a great extent chapped and dry lips can also be a reason for using no lip care products. Lips give you that creative smile that adds a unique personality to your face. No wonder why people believe that it is the attention seeker of your entire personality. Considering the other facial features, lips always stand out and therefore it is very important to maintain soft and healthy lips. But how is the actual question? Maintaining soft smooth and supple lips takes a lot of care along with using natural ingredients. One such ingredient that stands out and brings in the best for you is organ oil for lips.

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Yes, you heard it right. Argan oil is used traditionally as an effective remedy to get rid of chapped and dry lips. Loaded with essential nutrients and fatty acids argan oil does a great job of moisturizing your lips. It makes your lips feel instantly soft and smooth and also reduces dryness to a great extent.

Is Argan Oil Good For Lips?

Are you still wondering if argan oil is good for your lips or not? Well, the power-packed argan oil for lips is a wonderful treatment. It serves as an ideal moisturizer for your lips. Not only this but the endless properties of argan oil for skin and lips make it a pro player in the beauty industry. Using it daily on your lips makes it feel extremely soft and healthy. Apart from the moisture content, argan oil also reduces lip pigmentation effectively. To keep your lips hydrated and soft all the long and to maintain the juiciness it is essential to include argan oil for dry lips in your routine.

Benefits Of Argan Oil For Lips

1. Lip Moisturiser

If your lips feel extremely dry and flaky it is time to use argan oil for dry lips daily in your nighttime routine. Argan oil’s benefits for lips are truly impeccable and show phenomenal results. It helps to smoothen out the cracked area of your lips and acts as a perfect cooling treatment. Not only this but argan oil for dry lips also seals the moisture in your lips and acts as an ideal lip moisturizer or conditioner. It instantly plums up your lips and makes it look smooth and soft.

2. Instant Absorption

Argan oil being rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants absorbs like a dream in your skin or lips. When talking about argan oil it is important to consider pure Moroccan Argon oil from Moksha Lifestyles which absorbs instantly and leaves no greasy or oily residue on your lips. The liquid gold has no side effects on your skin and it helps to heal dry and flaky lips within no time.

3. Reduces Chapped Lips

Winters are approaching and so are dry and cracked lips which instantly degrades your physical appearance. Thanks to the nutritious argan oil for dry and chap lips which makes it instantly softer and smoother over time. Using argan oil daily on dry lips helps to bid adieu to flakiness, cracks, and dryness around your lips.

4. Tackles Lip Pigmentation

Lip pigmentation is a serious concern these days. It usually is evident in smokers and another category of people who are regular drinkers or do not take good care of their health. Guess what, these conditions can lead to lip pigmentation which looks extremely disgusting and darkens the area of your lips and around your lips. Now is the time to get rid of those conditions with pure argan oil for lips. Argan oil is such a savior to tackle lip pigmentation as it has antioxidants that visibly brighten the area.

5. Rich Potent Ingredients

Did you know that pure Moroccan argon oil has nutritious ingredients that are great for your lips and skin? They are used in a multitude of beauty products and treatments for their ultimate properties that offer countless benefits. Argan oil is loaded with antioxidants that include Vitamin A and Vitamin E which helps to brighten your skin tone. Not only this but argan oil is also rich in essential fatty acids including linoleic acid which keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized all day long. Also, how can we forget that pure organ oil offers next-level protection for your lips and protects them from harmful UVA and UVB radiations of the Sun?

6. Reduces Lip Wrinkles

Say goodbye to wrinkles on your lips or around the area with pure argan oil for dry lips. Argan oil is truly a game changer as it has anti-aging qualities which makes it a perfect addition to your lip care routine. You can solely use argan oil as a lips serum as it is packed with essential fatty acids and antioxidants. The liquid gold also protects your lips and makes it softer and smoother over time.

How To Use Argan Oil For Lips?

How To Use Argan Oil For Lips?

Using pure Moroccan argan oil for lips is as easy as using a lip balm. However, there are different ways to include it in your lip care routine. You can either use it directly combine it with other carrier oil or even make a DIY of your own. So it depends on your preference and requirements and below is the list of different ways to use argan oil for dry lips.

Recipe 1- Argan Oil As A Lip Serum

  • You can directly apply pure argan oil on your lips as a lip serum to get rid of various issues.
  • Make sure to use it in your nighttime routine.

Recipe 2- Almond And Argan Oil

  • For this recipe, you simply need sweet almond oil and pure argan oil for the lips.
  • Combine 2 to 3 drops of sweet almond oil with argan oil and apply it on your lips as a lip care treatment.

Recipe 3- Lip Pigmentation Serum

  • For this unique recipe, you need two teaspoons of pure argan oil and one teaspoon of aloe vera gel.
  • You can also add 6 to 7 drops of potato juice to cure lip pigmentation.
  • Mix all the ingredients well and apply it as a treatment to cure darkness around your lips.

Recipe 4- Argan Oil Lip Scrub

  • To use pure as an oil for dry and chaplis it is important to make an argan oil lip scrub.
  • Simply combine one teaspoon of brown sugar with one teaspoon of argan oil and add a pinch of honey to combine the mixture.
  • Mix it all well scrub your lips for 5 minutes and then wash it off.

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We are finally nearing the end of the best ways to use argan oil for lips. Argan oil is such a savior in the upcoming winter season when lips will turn all dry and chapped and will crack for much-needed nourishment. Thankfully pure argan oil for lips from Moksha Lifestyles solves all these concerns like a Pro. Check out more such varieties of essential oils and carrier oils at Moksha Lifestyles.

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