Psoriasis Relief: Oregano Oil’s Healing Power

Oregano oil is a supplement that has been used by people in some countries to improve blood circulation and soothe skin. It will help with symptoms of psoriasis, such as itching and swelling. Many people who have found relief from oregano oil have even had the condition cured completely, especially when taken alongside other treatments. Oregano Oil is extracted from the leaves of wild origanum vulgare, which grows in Mediterranean regions and North Africa. The leaves are dried in the sun or by smoke inhalation before being crushed into a waxy substance that looks like black pepper residue on dry hair.

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Psoriasis is a condition that causes the skin to become excessively red, inflamed, and scaly. It tends to be worse in the areas where people are most exposed to the elements, such as their fingers and toes. In severe cases, the skin can crack and bleed. There are many theories on how oregano oil works, but the evidence suggests that it works best when combined with natural ultraviolet light rays from sunlight. This allows the plant’s active compounds to be absorbed into the body through your skin and make contact with your cells.

Benefits Of Using Oregano Oil For Psoriasis:

1) For Inflammation On The Skin

Oregano oil helps reduce the inflammation produced by psoriasis. This is because it helps reduce the allergic response and triggers itchiness in the skin. It also reduces bacteria that cause inflammation and has antibacterial properties.

2) For Itchiness

Oregano oil works to relieve itching from psoriasis by reducing bacterial activity in the body, which can lead to a reduction in inflammatory responses. It also reduces itching because it has anti-itch properties.

3) For Thick, Scaly Skin

It is believed that oregano oil helps to reduce inflammation which leads to thick, scaly skin as it reduces the immune system’s attack on the skin. It also improves circulation in the affected area, and it has anti-infection properties as well.

4) For Dry Skin

Psoriasis can result in dry skin. This occurs because of a reduced amount of moisture in the area. Oregano oil will help with this by improving water retention and reducing inflammation associated with psoriasis.

5) For Itchy Skin

Oregano oil is thought to reduce itching, which can be one of the most uncomfortable symptoms of psoriasis. This is because oregano oil has anti-itch properties, so it helps to relieve discomfort and irritation.

6) For Rapid Healing

Oregano oil can help improve healing in areas affected by psoriasis. This is because oregano oil increases blood flow to the affected area, which will help with faster healing of cuts and wounds. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties, so it helps with quicker healing of psoriasis outbreaks.

7) For Preventing Psoriasis From Spreading

Oregano oil helps to stop psoriasis outbreaks from spreading by killing bacteria in the affected area. This is because of the anti-bacterial properties contained within oregano oil.

8) Help With Psoriasis Patches

Psoriasis patches are usually very small and only affect the skin on specific parts of the body. It is believed that oregano oil helps to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis in these areas where it is not active.

9) Antioxidant Properties

Oregano oil contains antioxidants, which are compounds that can protect cells from damage. They also have antibacterial properties and can help to reduce inflammation caused by bacteria and viruses in the body.

10) Helps With Signs And Symptoms Of Digestive Problems

Research has shown that oregano oil can act as an antibiotic and soothe inflammation in the gut which may cause digestive problems. You might need to take oregano oil alongside antibiotics if you have been prescribed them.

11) Helpful In Easing Back pain

Research has shown that oregano oil is helpful for people with arthritic conditions, including those who have problems with joint and muscular pain. This is because it helps to reduce inflammation caused by the condition, which can lead to pain relief.

How To Use Oregano Essential Oil For Psoriasis?

How To Use Oregano Essential Oil For Psoriasis?

Step 1: Make Sure You Have A Good Skincare Routine

Before using oregano oil, you must have a good skincare routine in place. This includes:

1) Cleaning your skin with warm water

2) Applying moisturizers to your skin regularly

3) Exfoliating at least once per week

4) Avoiding using soaps on your skin

5) Avoid exposing your skin to harsh chemicals and detergents, such as those present in household cleaning products.

Step 2: Cleansing with warm water before application of any treatment is essential because it helps remove any dry, dead cells from the affected area. This will stop them from sticking to the oil and causing ‘drag’, which makes it harder for it to penetrate your skin.

Step 3: Apply oil to the affected area

You can use oregano oil orally (with food), topically (on the skin), or by inhaling its vapors. Be careful when using it topically because a large amount can irritate healthy skin. You should use 1-6 drops of oregano oil per day, or as recommended by your doctor. Apply it directly to the affected area.

Step 4: Take oregano supplements

Oregano supplements are also available over-the-counter and you can take these with or without food. They work the same as oregano oil, but they are less concentrated. You should take 1-2 capsules per day, depending on how severe your psoriasis is and how much it hurts.

Step 5: Combine with ultraviolet light therapy

Ultraviolet light therapy uses the radiation from ultraviolet (UV) light to deliver medications and other substances that kill bacteria and viruses present in the body. The radiation from UV light enters the body directly through your skin. This is a very effective way of stopping infection because UV light kills pathogens directly on the skin’s surface and at a cellular level. It also improves circulation to affected areas, bringing oxygen, nutrients, and other healing substances to those who need it most.

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1) Why is oregano essential oil used for psoriasis?

Oil is usually used for psoriasis because it penetrates the skin easily and is easily absorbed. This means that it can make its way to the affected area so that it will have a greater effect.

2) Can you use oregano oil directly on your skin?

Yes, you can. However, you will need to dilute it with a carrier oil first because oregano oil has strong properties that can irritate healthy skin if used too heavily.

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