Top Essential Oils For Styes: Natural Relief And Healing

Our eyes are sensitive and very reactive to significant redness or discomfort. In such situations, one usually gets annoyed and frustrated because of the eye concerns revolving around them. One such problem which is very evident these days is styes. Have you heard of this problem before? Stye is linked to your eye care and leads to an uncomfortable lump-like structure near your eyelashes. The condition is very irritating and painful, especially for people who are already allergic to eye care products. As per recent studies, styes trigger for various reasons and might lead to swelling and redness. But guess what, we are here to serve a natural remedy that works just the best and also reduces the irritation and discomfort due to styes. The best essential oils for styes are an ideal choice, as they not only keep this condition at bay but also improve your overall eye health. Let us discover more about them.

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There are plenty of eye drops and ointments available in the pharmacy for this purpose. But one should always stick to natural remedies initially and consult their doctor before trying one. This time we will introduce you to the best essential oils for styes that are meant to heal the problem and also enrich your overall health in several ways. But before that let us learn more about styles and the symptoms that you might experience.

What Is A Stye?

As mentioned above stye is a very painful condition that usually comes from the bacterial infection around your eye area. Not only this part this condition also develops around your eyelids and might also go inside in severe cases. Many people trust on placing hot compresses using a warm towel on their eyes to get rid of the stye. And of course, this remedy works well to reduce the inflammation and irritation associated with this problem. If you are wondering about the symptoms and causes of a stye then keep on watching as we explore more about them.

Causes Of Styes

  • Any restriction in the oil glands of your eyes can result in a stye.
  • The bacteria inside the clogged oil gland in your eyes produce an infection which can result in the appearance of the stye.
  • Styes sometimes also look like a regular breakout that usually appears on your cheeks.

Symptoms Of Styes

If you are wondering what symptoms you will see if you have a style then here are some of them.

  • Styes usually lead to intense redness around your eyelid area and the bump that follows.
  • Styes lead to intense irritation and inflammation around your eyelids. So if you notice any such thing make sure to consult your doctor or try natural remedies after a patch test.
  • You might experience blurry pictures or obstruction in your vision.
  • Tears might roll out of your eyes as frequently as breathing.
  • Intense soreness and itchiness around the affected area.
  • Redness and discomfort in the eyelids.

Best Essential Oils For Styes

Best Essential Oils For Styes

So, now that we have talked about the major symptoms that you may experience if you are suffering from a stye, it is time to check out the best essential oils for stye.

1. Lavender Essential Oil For Stye

The first in the list and probably one of the most versatile essential oils is Lavender oil. Lavender Essential Oil is directly extracted from the buds of lavender trees through the steam distillation method. The Essential oil has rich anti-inflammatory antifungal and antimicrobial properties that help to reduce the lumps and discomfort in the eyes. Of course, one should not use essential oils directly or in an undiluted format near or around their eyes. But Lavender oil can be used after proper dilution with a carrier oil to get rid of stye. Essential oil is very advantageous for people who suffer from extreme redness and irritation on their eyelids.

2. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Did you know that eucalyptus Essential oil does wonders for people suffering from stye and other skin disorders? Well as per recent studies, eucalyptus Essential oil has been used for centuries to treat skin problems like acne, pimples, and hyperpigmentation. Eucalyptus oil for stye is a trusted remedy as it has incredible qualities that not only treat eye problems but also enhance your overall health. The Essential oil of eucalyptus is identical to tea tree oil and its properties which makes it a little too strong as compared to other essential oils. So make sure to dilute the Essential oil before usage.

3. Clove Essential Oil

Another best-selling essential oil for tooth pain and other oral health concerns is clove oil. Clove oil for toothache is loved by everyone out there. Guess what? Clove Essential Oil also helps to treat the condition of style quite well without leading to any discomfort. The Essential oil is rich in anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties that show its uniqueness for your health. Yes, you heard that right. Essential oil further calms the irritated area of your skin and also reduces redness and Inflammation. However, be careful while using clove Essential oil as it is quite potent and needs to be diluted.

4. Lemon Essential Oil

The sour Essential oil has now got you covered with its mind-boggling properties to reduce style. We are referring to the only lemon Essential oil. Known for its unique skin brightness, skin lightening, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties the Essential oil of lemon offers amazing benefits. Not only this but lemon Essential oil also reduces the pain in your eyelids and bumps which allows pain-free eyes and clear vision.

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Get natural relief and healing from this painful condition of style using the best essential oils for your eyes. Essential Oils as you know are very strong. If you are wondering about using one, make sure to dilute it and do a patch test at first sight to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

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