Aromatherapy Aid: Essential Oils Strategies For Managing Insect Bites

Summers are around the corner and so are these unwelcoming and nasty insects including mosquito bugs and spiders. While you might not invite them they are the unappealing guests that you do not want to welcome at all. These buzzing insects can turn your happy moments into an itchy and disastrous one. In severe cases, they might also lead to infections in the body. While there are many commercial products available in the market to provide relief from insect bites, it is essential to turn your face towards the effectiveness of natural remedies. Yes, you heard it right. Natural remedies or mainly essential oils for insect bites are widely recognized because of their healing and calming properties. In this editorial, we will discover the benefits of essential oils for insect bites along with the best ways to use them for minimum discomfort.

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As per studies, insect bites or even mosquito bites are scary mainly because they suck out the blood from your body. Not to mention that any insect bite can leave a scar itchiness and even inflammation on your skin. The best natural remedies like essential oils for insect bites can aid swelling and inflammation due to insect bites. These natural solutions are rich in anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties that help with irritation on the skin and also work as a repellent for insect bites. As we move forward we have a list of the best essential oils for insect bites which have phenomenal properties that work just the best for your skin.

Best Essential Oils For Insect Bites

Insect bites, mosquito bites, and even big bites are not welcome when you are having a joyous time outdoors. But their presence is quite obvious, especially in the parks and places where plants are numerous. Eliminating their presence is quite a task but one can repel them or tackle their bites. Let us check out the best essential oils for insect bites.

1. Peppermint Essential Oil For Bug Bites

Grab the best refreshing drink you know and drink it in the scorching heat of the sun. You will feel a cooling sensation in your body. The same happens with your skin when you apply peppermint Essential oil. Peppermint oil is loaded with a cooling agent menthol which instantly calms your skin from hazardous insect bites. It is a refreshing and soothing Essential oil that instantly relieves the itchiness inflammation and swelling associated with insect bites. As per researchers, the cooling properties of peppermint Essential oil provide an instant tingling sensation on the skin which usually takes care of the after-effects of insect bites. By providing immediate relief from irritation it also brings a sense of comfort to your skin. Guess what fermentation oil has analgesic properties which reduces the severity of pain.

If you are intrigued about using peppermint Essential oil for insect bites then simply dilute it with a carrier oil and applied on the affected area. It is an excellent choice to provide natural relief from dangerous insect bites.

2. Tea Tree Essential Oil For Insect Bites

Do you know that tea tree Essential oil is another ideal option to tackle insect bites? Loaded with numerous properties including anti-inflammatory, antifungal antibacterial, and antiseptic properties this Essential oil tackles mosquito bites effectively. Additionally, it serves as a strong organic remedy to treat various insect bites owing to its potent properties. Studies have revealed that tea tree Essential oil provides natural relief from inflammation triggered by bug bites and insect bites. It effectively eradicates the bacteria from your skin, reduces further complications, and also keeps your skin itch-free.

Using tea tree Essential oil for insect bites offers a typical soothing sensation to the skin. It majorly alleviates the discomfort, swelling, and redness associated with insect bites. Not only this but tea tree essential oil also speeds up the healing process of insect bites with regular application. By promoting faster recovery processes it also reduces irritation and itchiness on the skin.

3. Lavender Essential Oil For Insect Bites

Lavender Essential Oil For Insect Bites

If you are searching for that one-stop remedy or Essential oil that solves all your needs then lavender Essential oil is the one for you. Packed with impressive anti-inflammatory, antifungal anti-microbial, and healing properties, this Essential oil is truly a versatile option. It is an effective natural solution to reduce the swelling redness and infection triggered by insect bites. Not only does it alleviate the discomfort but also prevents inflammation of the skin. Lavender Essential Oil is known to provide an instant cooling effect on the skin.

So if you are suffering from aggravated mosquito bites, insect bites, and bug bites then make sure to use lavender Essential oil. Not only does it provide a sense of relief but its naturally anti-inflammatory properties manage the most sensitive skin types. It works incredibly well to promote a faster healing process and to offer a joyful picnic experience.

4. Eucalyptus Essential Oil For Mosquito Bites

Eucalyptus Essential oil has immense properties for your body and skin. Are you wondering how? Well, the Essential oil is full of major nutrients and vital properties that make it an ideal choice for treating insect bites and mosquito bites. The important antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of this Essential oil reduce discomfort redness and swelling aggravated due to insect bites. Apart from this the soothing effects of eucalyptus Essential oil instantly calms the irritated and inflamed area. By keeping the skin free from itchiness and inflammations this Essential oil also possesses antiseptic qualities which reduces the chances of further infection on the skin.

5. Chamomile Essential Oil For Insect Bites

A mild Essential oil that does wonders for insect bites and mosquito bites is Chamomile Essential oil. As per research, chamomile Essential oil is an effective treatment to heal disastrous insect bites that can take a toll on your health. Well, that’s true. Insect bites can lead to severe irritation, redness, and bacterial infection on the skin. Thankfully not anymore. The beneficial properties of chamomile Essential oil and the side effects of insect bites can now be tackled gracefully. Simply dilute chamomile Essential oil with a carrier oil coconut oil or almond oil and apply it on the affected area.

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Insect bites can be tough to deal with. Especially in the summer season, they cause intense discomfort owing to the natural sweating of your body. With the beneficial qualities of the best essential oils for insect bites, you are sorted. Just make sure to use essential oils for insect bites after dilution and you are good to go. At Moksha Lifestyles you will find all your essential oils and carrier oils for different purposes which are 100% pure and organic.

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