Aromatherapy For Feelings: Using Essential Oils To Manage Emotions

Focusing on your emotions and building a healthy mindset takes good time. Not everyone can manage their emotions especially when they’re dealing with hundreds of things inside their mind. In such extreme situations keeping healthy thinking and maintaining a positive mindset is very important. But, how do you do that? Well, today we will introduce you to a wide range of essential oils that help in the long run to get rid of unhealthy emotions. These essential oils are specifically known for their healing properties. Nature has a lot to offer you and it does its job by providing you the best essential oils for emotions. These essential oils are derived from the parts of plants and are extracted using the steam distillation method. Using these essential oils or just inhaling their fragrance instantly releases unhealthy emotions and nurtures you with a burst of positivity.

Today’s blog post majorly focuses on the top 5 essential oils that help you release emotional trauma and also amalgamate with a healthy environment and build a productive mindset. So are you ready to explore the best essential oils for releasing emotions? Oh, but before that let us first understand the concept behind inhaling a fragrance that instantly departs negative emotions from your mind and nourishes it with positive ones. Let’s get into the science behind the smell and the senses.

The Connection Between Essential Oils And Emotions

Many people do not know about the inbuilt connection between one of your five senses and fragrance. Smell is a very popular sense of organ that is primarily connected to the lobe part of your brain. Inhaling the Aroma instantly enters your brain and signals it with housing positive or negative emotions. Overall it directly affects your limbic system and that’s when the arena of negative and positive emotions like fear anxiety angle and depression originates.

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A smell is logical and soothing for your mind it instantly brings in joyful emotions. However, if the fragrance is way too strong as per your lighting and makes you feel uncomfortable then it might trigger negative feelings like anger depression, and fear. So, it all depends upon your preferences and what smell you like. Let’s begin with the best essential oils for emotions which can help you deal with negative ones more accurately while eliminating them in some time.

Best Essential Oils For Emotions

1. Lavender Essential Oil

The one that tops the list of best essential oils for releasing emotions is none other than lavender Essential oil. Lavender oil as you know is used for a variety of purposes. From being a prominent one in the Skin Care industry to dealing with Hair Care concerns and aroma therapy it majorly serves in all the categories. What did you know that it also helps to get rid of emotions majorly negative emotions? Well, studies have concluded that lavender Essential oil helps to tackle feelings of depression panic attacks, and anxiety to a great extent. No Wonder why people consider it to be one of the best essential oils for stress and anxiety. Lavender oil is prominently used to reduce negative waves in your mind and bring in a wave of positive emotions.

Further lavender Essential oil also lifts the weight from your mind and helps you attain a spiritual connection with the Lord. Are you wondering how to use lavender Essential oil to release emotions? You can simply diffuse the Essential oil to balance your emotional well-being or just use it in a spray form and spritz it around your house.

2. Basil Essential Oil

Basil Essential oil, the one that comes from the holy Basil is quite helpful in dealing with negative emotions. Packed with remarkable properties for spiritual connection the Essential oil is popularly known as the oil of renewal. Simply means that it renews your energy and changes it into a positive one while helping you stay emotionally and mentally strong. Studies have revealed that Basil Essential Oil helps with the tranquility of the mind and tackles the feeling of stress and fatigue. Inhaling the Essential oil through a diffuser serves as a great choice to overcome the negative emotions and the relentless thoughts that are staying in your mind.

3. Orange Essential Oil

Orange Essential oil is probably one of the most used essential oils for emotions. Coming under the category of citrus essential oils this one prominently helps to get rid of the psychological stress by bursting your mind with its healing properties. Guess what Orange Essential Oil helps you to balance your emotions quite well without being a sad lad. Loaded with sweet juicy and tangi Aromas the Essential oil particularly balances your cortisol levels and also files the feeling of restlessness anxiety and depression. It further helps you stay away from sad emotions and manages your stress level in the best possible way.

4. Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential oil is another great addition to eliminate negative emotions and bring a Ray of positivity to your mind. As per recent researchers frankincense Essential oil successfully helps to eliminate the feeling of depression and therefore is known as the oil of truth. Interesting isn’t it? The Oil of Truth or Frankincense Essential Oil helps you to cut off the false claims in your mind and reveal the deceptive nature of your heart. It majorly helps you get rid of the negative vibrations in your atmosphere and mind while building a home for new perspectives that are packed with enlightenment, positivity, and joy.

5. Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil

Another citrus Essential oil that serves as one of the best essential oils for releasing emotions is lemon oil. Lemon Essential Oil helps with emotional stability as it instantly enlightens your mood. Further, the Essential oil has immense aromatherapy benefits which uplift your mood, nurture your brain, and keep you sane during stressful situations. Studies have revealed that lemon Essential oil is a perfect choice for people who go through emotional outbursts and want something to keep up with their intellectual thoughts.

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Essential oils for healing and managing several emotions are the new way to deal with stressful conditions. Many people these days diffuse pure essential oils during their bedtime and even in their offices to create a positive and joyful atmosphere. If you are on the same page make sure to rely on the best essential oils for emotions exclusively available at

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