Banishing Moths Naturally: Harnessing The Power Of Essential Oils

Say goodbye to those moths as we bring you the best essential oils that are not only effective but also keep those pantry moths at bay. Very small and barely visible these moths can be very problematic once they enter your closet pantry and other places. These problematic creatures usually cause havoc on expensive furniture, closets, and even on the pantry where you store the dry goods. Are you wondering how to eradicate them before they eat all your expensive stuff and become an invader of your house? A traditional and natural approach to getting rid of the moths includes the best essential oils. Yes, you heard it right. Essential oils for moths are quite effective as they are not loaded with chemicals and naturally reduce their occurrence in your space. Let us closely have a look at the Essential oils for moth along with their benefits.

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Using Essential oils for moths can be a great way as they are naturally fragrant and also repel them to a great extent. Not only there but these moth can cause a serious concern in your house and essential oils kill their larva eggs to restrict further spread. In the upcoming section, we will explore the effectiveness of the top essential oils for pantry moths that might otherwise ruin your clothes and even furniture by making a hole in them.

6 Best Essential Oils For Moths

1. Tea Tree Essential Oil

Let us begin with the very strong and powerful tea tree Essential oil for moth. Did you know that tea tree Essential oil is an all-rounder choice for many people out there? Well, the potent Essential oil can be used by combining it with water and transferring it to a spray bottle to repel moths naturally. Studies have revealed that tea tree Essential oil is rich in antibacterial fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which majorly stops the entrance of moths in your closet or pantry and even discards the chances of them laying eggs in your house.

The fragrance might not be a good one and can be irritating for some people but the effectiveness of tea tree Essential oil is amazing. Also, Tea Tree Essential Oil has antibacterial agents which usually dislike moth eggs and kill them after a certain period. You can include Essential oil in your routine to kill moth eggs and restrict the further spread in your house.

2. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential oil is another grade addition to your routine if you are into floral fragrances which also helps you kill those pesky moths effectively. Lavender Essential Oil is one of the best essential oils for pantry moths as it has a calming fragrance that usually feels easy for everyone but is disliked by moths. You can simply dip a cotton ball into lavender Essential oil or pour a few drops and keep it around your pantry to keep those unappealing creatures at bay. Lavender essential oils serve as an excellent choice to repel other insects including bed bugs, mosquitoes, flies, and moths.

Studies have revealed that the fragrance of lavender Essential oil is often included in insect-repellent sachets and other insect-repellent sprays. It naturally deters the moths and also discourages their entrance and nesting in your area. You can utilize the Aroma of lavender Essential oil in several ways to repel moths in your closet and pantry effortlessly.

3. Peppermint Essential Oil

Another powerful Essential oil that serves as an excellent option to repel harmful creatures is peppermint oil. Peppermint Essential oil as we all know has a very cooling and refreshing fragrance. But did you know that the potent Essential oil also deters pantry moths and closet moths effectively with its strong properties and rich compounds? Peppermint Essential Oil has an herbal and mint aroma that has a coming effect on human beings but it causes an allergy to the moths. Additionally, the Essential oil is rich in antibacterial fungal and anti-microbial properties that deter other insects like flies, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and more. If you like the fragrance of peppermint Essential oil you can simply combine it with water and spread it on the corners of your house and especially the areas where moths reside.

4. Camphor Essential Oil

Have you heard of camphor Essential oil before? You might have noticed the usage of camphor in spiritual practices and even in the making of insect repellent spray and other sprays that are antifungal. To be precise, camphor Essential oil is the extract of camphor compound and is widely used in aromatherapy practices because it offers powerful properties. Not only this but the Essential oil is loaded with anti-inflammatory antifungal anti-microbial and anti-spasmodic properties which serves as an ideal insect repellent and deter those pesky moths flies and mosquitoes. Not only this but the Essential oil has a very strong and Woody Aroma that usually revitalizes your mind, keeps you feeling warm, and also enhances the aura of your ambience. A works like a two-in-one treatment that can be used in your house to AMP up the living. Secondly, it helps to eliminate moths and their nesting process which can lead to further spread in your closet and pantry.

5. Neem Essential Oil

Neem Essential Oil

While talking about the best Essential oil for moths, how can we not mention the holy grail antiseptic which is Neem Essential oil? Neem Essential Oil is a popular agent that is mostly used in the making of chemical pesticides to keep your garden areas safe and deter insects. Various researchers have found that neem Essential oil is also a safe addition to your home care routine to repel pantry moths and close moths effectively. Not only this but Essential oil has been utilized for years in pest management facilities as it serves as a great ingredient and is usually included in the making of insect-repellent sprays and balms.

6. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Needless to mention the exotic properties of eucalyptus Essential oil for your overall health but here’s a snippet. Eucalyptus Essential Oil in particular is an excellent Idea if you want to get rid of moths naturally without being overpowering on the fragrance side. The Essential oil can be used directly for cleaning purposes as it kills the moths and their eggs which can lead to further spread in your house.

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Moths and other insects including mosquitoes, bed bugs, and flies can take a toll on your house if not treated on time. It is therefore very important to take quick action to repel those insects without making your home smell chemically dangerous. You can clear out those moths in just a few minutes by using the best essential oils for pantry moths. At Moksha Lifestyle, our experts have tested the quality of essential oils as per adherence. These essential oils are of premium quality and have a calming effect on your mind while helping you bid farewell to those pesky creatures effortlessly.

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