Tonsil Stones No More: Harness The Healing Properties Of Essential Oils

The era of essential oils is taking over the internet and how. A lot of you have already read about essential oils and their exclusive benefits for your health. From keeping your health concerns at bay to solving your skin disorders and hair care problems essential oils are an all-rounder for almost all the categories. But, did you know that essential oils can also be used to cure tonsil stones?

Essential Oils for tonsil stones and known to be very effective as they are plugged with natural substances and a blend of essence of plants that helps to keep the condition of tonsils away from you. The best essential oils for tonsil stones are used by many experienced specialists and aromatherapists to calm and relax your nerves. The same is also used to treat the condition of tonsil stones effectively and eliminate the chances of emergence.

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Tonsils are like lymph nodes that are found in the top part of your throat portion. The stones in the tonsils can be very treacherous if you do not treat them on time. Your tonsils can get affected by stones due to several reasons. But the main reason that we have recognized so far is the presence of mucus in your nose. Sounds disgusting right? The mucus that is present in your nose transits down to your throat and is stuck there for a very long time. This then gives birth to tonsil stones which are very painful and causes a lot of bacterial infection in your throat. The mucus that settles in your throat promotes the multiplication of bacteria which then turns into a stone-like structure. This can be very painful and the discomfort can be unbearable to a great extent and that’s why we suggest you use the best essential oils for tonsil stones.

In this post, we will share the top essential oils for tonsil stones that are pad with potent anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.

Can Essential Oils Help With Tonsil Stones?

We know you might be wondering if essential oils can help with tonsils stones or not. Recent studies have revealed that essential oils are a centralized form of liquid that is extracted by steam distillation method to capture the purity and essence of a plant’s extract. Keeping the same in mind, we believe that essential oils are a great choice for tonsil stones because of their highly impeccable properties. Essential oils kill the bacteria that cause tonsil stones and work as a natural remedy to cure throat infections.

Top 5 Essential Oils For Tonsil Stones

1. Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass comes from the tropical mint grass family which has countless health advantages. Being one of the best essential oils for tonsil stones, lemongrass essential oils perform outstandingly to cure throat infections and bacteria that might be growing in the back of your thought. It cures tonsil stones like a Pro and also helps to tackle other tonsil-related diseases that might be affecting your throat and thereby your lungs.

The best part about using lemongrass essential oils oil for tonsil stones is that it helps your body to suck in all the nutrients and its benefits very easily. Once your body takes in all the goodness, it boosts your immune system which in turn helps to decline the presence of tonsil stones in your throat for a very long time.

2. Lavender Essential Oil For Tonsil Stones

Lavender Essential oil comes from the buds of the lavender plant and is extracted by using the steam distillation method. The 100% pure and organic lavender essential oil from Moksha Lifestyle helps to vacate the congestion and mucus in your sinus which eliminates all the toxins present in it. Once you start using Lavender Essential oil for tonsil stones there is no going back for sure.

Lavender Essential Oil helps to eliminate the production of mucus in your throat which helps to clear gunk that might be accumulating on your throat slowly and gradually. We have already mentioned it thousand times that lavender essential oil is a powerhouse of anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties that helps to kill the bacterial infection that might be arriving in your throat sooner or later.

3. Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh Essential oil comes from a famous tree that is based in Africa and is extracted using the steam distillation method. Myrrh essential oil is loaded with antibacterial properties which help to eliminate bacterial infection in your throat and keep inflammation at bay.

The mucus accumulation can lead to tonsil stones residing in your throat which ultimately causes unbearable pain and discomfort for a very long time. Thanks to Myrrh Essential Oil that helps to restrict the growth of bacteria in your tonsils and helps to promote clear breath.

4. Clove Essential Oil For Tonsil Stones

One of these strongest and most potent essential oil for tonsil stones is none other than clove essential oil. By now you might already know about the astounding benefits of clove as a spice in your kitchen. Thanks to the power of aromatherapy which gave inception to Clove Essential oil which helps in eradicating tonsil stones. Clove Essential oil has been a popular remedy for toothache and we cannot deny that it works brilliantly to ameliorate pain and anguish. Now it’s turning for the Clove Essential Oil to work in the same manner for tonsil stones.

The primary reason why Clove Essential oil works amazingly well for tonsil stones is because of its numbing properties. It helps to relieve extreme discomfort and pain in your tonsils thereby reducing inflammation. Not only this, but the concentrated essential oil also acts as an organic painkiller for throat infections.

5. Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree Essential oil is an ideal choice for people who are looking for an anti-inflammatory essential oil that works on all their health concerns including tonsil stones. When the pain and situation become out of your control make sure to try tea tree essential oil by diffusing it in a diffuser for a good time. Tea Tree Essential oil is packed with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties which help to terminate excruciating pain in your tonsils and keeps the stone formation at bay.

The story doesn’t end here as Tea Tree Essential Oil also has a warming effect on your throat which provides a numbing sensation that helps you forget about the pain for some time. The anesthetic effect of tea tree essential oil makes it one of the most powerful and effective essential oils for tonsil stones.

How To Use Essential Oils For Tonsil Stones?

How To Use Essential Oils For Tonsil Stones?

Aromatherapy makes space for a wide number of ways to use essential oils for different concerns. There are some of the best ways to use essential oils for tonsil stones:

  • First things first, you can start with the inhalation process. Simply diffuse it for some time and inhale the warming aroma. Or you can also try the traditional steam distillation method by adding 2 to 3 drops of tea tree essential oil in a bowl of boiling water and inhaling the steam.
  • Alternatively, you can also prepare a massage oil by mixing 10 ml of coconut oil with four drops of lavender essential oil and two drops of sandalwood essential oil. Simply massage this mixture on your throat to prevent infections and tonsil stones.

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Natural remedies for tonsil stones never go out of style because they have mind-blowing benefits for your body. The same goes for the best essential oils for tonsil stones as they are loaded with extraordinary qualities that help you get rid of the pain as soon as possible. Make sure to try the top five essential oils for tonsils pain from

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