Bug Off! Using The Best Essential Oils To Keep Insects At Bay

Stay away from insects everyone said. But is that possible? One can stay indoors but insects do not leave you alone there. So what is the way to get rid of them? Welcome to the blog as today we share some helpful tips to keep insects at bay. Yes, you heard it right. Today’s editorial is all about the best essential oils to keep insects at bay. Essential Oils are packed with amazing properties that trigger insects, especially mosquitoes flies, and spiders, and repel them. Besides, essential oils act as a powerful insect repellent because of their chemical-free properties and all-natural qualities. So are you ready to dig into the world of essential oils and identify the best one for you? Let’s get started.

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As per studies many people these days use insect repellent spray bought from the market which large them for only about a week or two. Does that make sense? Also, these chemical-based insect repellent sprays are toxic to the environment and our loaded with chemicals that can also harm your internal health. So there are better solutions to keep insects at me than keeping up with the toxicity. The solution lies within Mother Nature. Nature has a lot to offer to human beings and that’s where essential oils come into the picture. The best essential oils for insect repellent are extracted directly from the plants through the steam distillation method. Once extracted they hold pure essence and also deter those pesky flies and mosquitoes. So using them evenly to repel insects is the best choice. Also, it is a traditional method and does not involve any chemicals or toxins whatsoever. So it is safe to be used around your little ones with proper precautions of course.

Best Essential Oils For Insects In The House

Leading the path of natural remedies let us now compile the best essential oils for insects in the house.

1. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential oil is one of the most powerful Essential oils with a fresh and clean Aroma known for its cooling and refreshing properties. This Essential oil works well to repel insects and also kill mosquitoes and flies. Additionally, peppermint Essential oil is considered an ideal choice because of its natural formula which works as an insecticide to kill insects. Researchers have also concluded that peppermint Essential oil when applied to the body in a diluted form repels various insects to a great extent. You just have to be careful while using essential oils on the skin as they are extreme and potent.

If you are stung by a bee or any other insect kindly use peppermint Essential oil by combining it with tea tree oil and aloe vera gel. This remedy works like an all-rounder and instantly calms the irritated area.

2. Citronella Essential Oil

We have the very famous citronella Essential oil for insects. To keep insects at bay and enjoy your fun time without the buzzing one should use citronella Essential oil ads as a natural insect repellent as it has a citrusy tangi and pungent Aroma. Not only does the Aroma is pleasant but it repels insects quite well making it a great choice to diffuse in your house. Further, the Essential oil is extracted directly from the stems and leaves of the citronella grass and contains exotic compounds like geraniol and citronellal. Both of these compounds are immensely effective in distracting the entrance of insects and repelling them perfectly.

Recent studies have concluded that citronella Essential oil repels insects in the house when diffused at night. It can also be used in various other forms like combining it with water and using it in spray form. The way to use citronella Essential oil is to simply combine it with the carrier oil and apply it directly on your skin to repel insects.

3. Lavender Essential Oil

How can we forget the holy grail lavender Essential oil while talking about the best essential oils for insect repellent? Lavender oil is one of the best essential oils for flying insects as it has a floral yet pacifying Aroma which is great for human beings to relax. But when talking specifically about insects they hate the fragrance which makes it a very potent solution. Not only this but lavender Essential oil also contains active compounds like camphor and Linalool effectively repel various species of insects and keep them away from your house. However, to use it perfectly one should combine lavender Essential oil with water and spray it on the areas where insects reside.

4. Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Another citrus and herbal Essential oil that works just the best to repair irritating mosquitoes and insects is lemongrass Essential oil. Loaded with the juicy yet grassy Aroma this Essential oil promises no insects in your house once diffused in the morning. According to studies, lemongrass Essential oil is very strong and repels termites spiders, and mosquitoes. Not only this but the Essential oil has active compounds that create a toxic environment for houseflies and replace them to a great extent. If you are wondering about the usage of lemongrass Essential oil then simply combine it with water and spread it all over your house the lemon Aroma effectively balances your atmosphere and kills insects and flies.

5. Basil Essential Oil

Did you know that Basil Essential oil can also be used to repel insects and mosquitoes at your house? Known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties Basil Essential Oil has a zesty flavour. It is not only added to pesto sauce for its unique Aroma but has amazing properties as an uplifting oil to repel insects in the house. If you suffer from allergies in your skin due to insect bites or bee stings you can use Basil Essential oil for the rescue. It was just the best and effectively repels mosquitoes and other insects.

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You can now bug off those harmful insects in your house by just using essential oils. These essential oils are 100% natural and possess amazing properties to nurture your house with exotic fragrances while bidding farewell to insects.

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