Cramp Crushers: Essential Oils For Menstrual Cramps

That time of the month is surely the one you do not want to come to anytime soon. The best excruciating pain and other problems associated with menstrual cycles are quite prominent these days. With major bloating mood swings cramps bleeding and other digestive issues menstrual cycles can take a toll on your physical and mental health. Even after trying hundreds of formulas and heating pads, nothing seems to work to beer the deteriorating pain of cramps.

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However, there is one solution that works and reduces menstrual cramps to a great extent. Are you wondering what is it? It is our only best essential oils for menstrual cramps. Well, that’s true. Essential Oils might look like the normal ones used in the cosmetic industry for their skincare and hair care benefits. But if we look on either side essential oils for period pain and menstrual cramps are very effective these days.

What Are Menstrual Cramps?

Even though no amount of remedy can help to eliminate period pain and cramps, Essential oils do the job effectively to a great extent. The discomfort and pain associated with menstrual cramps are unbearable and lead to the trigger of muscle contractions in your uterus. As per specialists and doctors at Mayo Clinic, it is evident that a substance that is referred to as hormones known as prostaglandins usually triggers contractions and leads to intense pain. Thus menstrual cramps appear and stay for almost 3 to 5 days during your cycle.

Dealing with menstrual cramps can be very painful and uncomfortable. Therefore women usually opt for natural remedies for menstrual cramps that help them recklessly without any side effects.

Best Essential Oils For Menstrual Cramps

The best essential oils for menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding our hair to the rescue. You might have heard of Lavender oil peppermint oil frankincense oil and other oils for various purposes. But did you know that these essential oils are rich in antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-spasmodic properties which help to provide relief from menstrual cramps? Well, in the upcoming section, we will have a look at the best Essential oil for menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding. Without any further delay let’s get started.

1. Clary Sage Essential Oil For Menstrual Cramps

Clary sage Essential oil has been in the industry for quite a long time but not many people know about it. Clary sage Essential oil helps a lot to women suffering from intense menstrual pain and cramps. The rich Essential oil is loaded with pain-relieving properties and also manages the troubles in your tummy. Studies have also revealed that using clary sage essential oils for the menstrual cycle can help to balance it in the long run. Not only this but it also manages the hormone level in your body and reduces menstrual cramps.

So, if you are intrigued to use clary sage Essential oil for menstrual cramps and pain you can simply rub it on your stomach, preferably lower abdomen to reduce pain and inflammation.

2. Lavender Essential Oil For Period Pain

Lavender Essential oil is the best of all when it comes to reducing period pain and cramps. You are loaded with the most pungent, floral yet calming fragrance, lavender Essential oil is also recognized because of its anti-inflammatory properties. The rich Essential oil has analgesic qualities which reduces period pain to a great extent and also relaxes your mind. Lavender Essential Oil also soothes the powerful hormone prostaglandins which are known to cause menstrual cramps. As you know these hormones are responsible for muscle contractions in your uterus and lead to immense pain during your menstrual cycle. But once they are in check, there is no chance of period pain.

So, if you are looking for the best ways to use essential oils for menstrual cramps, combine it with a carrier oil of your choice and massage it around the uterus and in the lower abdomen. It not only helps to reduce the pain but also tackles soreness and bloating.

3. Frankincense Essential Oil For Heavy Bleeding And Menstrual Cramps

You cannot get rid of the intense period pain without trying frankincense Essential oil. Essential oil stands at the top of the best essential oils for menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding. It has immunity-boosting, pain-relieving, and anti-inflammatory properties. All these are responsible for reducing the extreme pain that you might be bearing during your menstrual cycle. Apart from this frankensense Essential oil also possesses boswellic acid which visibly helps to reduce pain and also restricts the development of leukotrienes. If you are unaware of leukotrienes, then keep it with prostaglandins as both hormones are almost the same. They lead to intense contraction in the walls of the uterine which causes cramps and pain.

Fortunately, frankincense Essential oil reduces the pain effectively and relaxes your mind.

4. Peppermint Essential Oil For Period Pain

Peppermint Essential Oil For Period Pain

Peppermint Essential oil comes from the mint family and has a very cooling base. It is also loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. Several people use peppermint Essential oil for digestive issues and to tackle bloating acidity gas and stomach pain. In addition to this peppermint Essential oil also works as a great remedy to reduce menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding. Many people wonder what essential oils are good for menstrual cramps. To their surprise, peppermint oil is the one that helps to reduce the symptoms of periods that include minor headaches, dizziness fatigue, and nausea. Not only this but it visibly reduces the contraction and relaxes your body.

5. Clove Essential Oil For Menstrual Cramps

You might have used clove for culinary purposes and during Christmas Eve for that spicy yet exotic flavor. But did you know that clove oil for menstrual cramps is a great idea as it serves as a natural remedy to reduce period pain? Well clove Essential oil is packed with anti-inflammatory properties along with pain relieving properties which immensely help to reduce menstrual cramps. Not only this but the Essential oil possesses a potent compound known as eugenol which majorly eases the contractions triggered by prostaglandins.

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Wrapping up the much-needed series of the best essential oils for menstrual cramps. Cramps are immensely painful and might hurt you a little more than expected. But undoubtedly, the essential oils for menstrual cramps are very effective. So, use them for multipurpose benefits for your overall health, and get yours today from Moksha Lifestyles.

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