Essential Oils That Will Help You Fight Tonsillitis

You may feel a burning or a sore throat, the first sign of tonsillitis. The area will become swollen and painful, like an ulcer. If you do have tonsillitis, you must get some treatment as soon as possible so you can prevent any future complications which could result in hospitalization and restricted speech. This article reviews the best essential oils for tonsillitis and how to use essential oils for tonsillitis. What essential oils are good for tonsillitis? This list includes essential oils for tonsillitis such as clove oil, thyme oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, and others to help ease discomfort while giving your body the ability to fight infection without dangerous drugs that could potentially cause more harm than good.

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Tonsillitis is a bacterial infection that causes inflammation of the tonsils, the two bulging out parts of the throat considered to be part of the “pharynx”. The infection can occur in any person but is most commonly seen in children. Bacteria forming in an infected area are spread by either saliva or air. This infection will most likely begin with a sore throat. There may be some discharge or swelling as well as an unpleasant taste in your mouth and throat. Some people also experience pain, redness, and tenderness in their neck but this can happen without any sign of tonsillitis at all.

What Essential Oils Are Good For Tonsillitis?

1. Clove Essential Oil

Clove essential oils for chronic tonsillitis have been used for coughs, sore throats, and congestion for centuries. The antibacterial properties of clove derived from its pungent odor help to kill certain bacteria in the throat. It may also help to open the airways and clear mucus. It can be used on any part of the body but is best applied directly to painful areas like sore throats and chest congestion.

2. Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme Essential Oil for fungal tonsillitis will give your immune system a boost from the antioxidant properties of thyme essential oil which supports naturally clean cells and tissues. This is especially helpful when fighting an infection because it helps your immune system by stimulating it to work harder at fighting off infection without causing any harmful side effects.

3. Lavender Essential Oil

When used for pain relief, lavender essential oils for viral tonsillitis are often recommended for sore throats. It may help to relieve sore muscles and even help with restlessness caused by pain and fever.

4. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Essential Oil has a strong immune-stimulating effect which can help the body to fight off infection. It will also help dry out the throat, soothe irritation, and ease painful airway symptoms while normalizing the breathing process to alleviate the symptoms associated with tonsillitis.

5. Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil helps heal infections of all kinds including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and Candida (yeast). It naturally disinfects and kills germs, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens while also simultaneously supporting the immune system.

6. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil for viral tonsillitis may help improve the body’s ability to heal itself from tonsillitis by stimulating blood flow and cleaning the airways. The cooling effect of peppermint oil will also help to relieve a sore throat or headache.

7. Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil has antiseptic properties which help to fight against infection that causes tonsillitis. It is also anti-inflammatory which helps reduce swelling and redness as well as stimulate circulation to bring oxygen-rich blood cells to injured tissues which can help with recovery from sore throats and other painful symptoms associated with this illness.

8. Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil is a natural antibacterial that can help to relieve sore throats and the symptoms of tonsillitis. It may also help with swallowing and can be mixed with tea tree oil or eucalyptus essential oils when gargled to soothe the throat.

9. Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon Essential Oil also helps with pain relief from sore throats by removing any swelling or dryness while also increasing circulation to aid in healing and recovery.

10. Basil Essential Oil

Basil Essential Oil supports the production of digestive enzymes which can help you digest leftover bacteria and food particles that are commonly found in the throat during an infection. It also helps support healthy digestion and soothes allergies and other allergic symptoms.

How to Use Essential Oils For Tonsillitis?

You may want to dilute essential oils in a carrier oil or “base” oil depending on how you plan to use them. It is best to create an “inhalation blend”, which simply means that you need to mix the oils in a specific ratio with one another and then inhale the mixture via mouth, nose, or through a diffuser. A nice way to think about how to use essential oils for tonsillitis is by using a simple glass bottle and combining 10 drops of each essential oil with 5 ml of base oil. Store blends in the refrigerator where they will stay fresh for many months, so it can be hard to gauge how much you need when using this method. So to get around this, you can use a little coconut oil in a bowl and blend the oils in there.

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DIY Mix Recipes Of Essential Oils For Tonsillitis

DIY Mix Recipes Of Essential Oils For Tonsillitis

Get the answer for how to use essential oils for tonsillitis here:

Recipe 1:


  • 5 drops of clove oil
  • 5 drops of eucalyptus oil
  • 10 drops of tea tree oil all blended with a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil.


  • Add a couple of drops of essential oil to the center of your tongue and then breathe in through your nose.
  • Repeat this a few times until you feel “in balance”.

Recipe 2:


  • Add 5 drops of lemon essential oil
  • 10 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • 20 drops of eucalyptus oil
  • 10 drops of tea tree oil all blended with a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil.


  • Add a couple of drops of essence to the center of your tongue, then breathe in through your nose, notice how you feel immediately, and adjust the ratio accordingly.
  • Repeat this a few times until you feel in balance.

Recipe 3:


  • 5 drops each of eucalyptus
  • 5 drops of clove oil
  • 5 drops of lemon blended with a carrier oil


  • Add a couple of drops of essential oils to the center of your tongue, then breathe in through your nose. Notice how you feel immediately and adjust the ratio accordingly.
  • Repeat this a few times until you feel great.


1) What is a safe amount of essential oils to rub on my chest and neck?

Use essential oils for the tonsillitis recipe and the standard dilution for the skin is 10 drops of essential oils for every 5 ml of carrier oil or 9 drops of essential oils for every 4 ml of carrier oil. However, if you are using a non-reactive preservative such as witch hazel oil or goji berries, then you can reduce the number of essential oils by 1 drop.

2) Should I use a diffuser or just breathe in the oils with my mouth?

Diffusers are wonderful devices and can be used in any room. If you have multiple family members suffering from health problems, it is great to leave a diffuser running in a room for everyone to breathe in the soothing effect of essential oils each day.

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