Sugandha Kokila

Botanical Name : Cinnamomum cecidodaphne
Plant Part : Berries
Extraction : Steam Distillation
Origin : India

Product Description:

Sugandha Kokila is obtained from the dried berries of Cinnamomum cecidodaphne by steam distillation.

Common Uses:

Sugandha Kokila increases circulation, reduces pain and inflammation in the muscles and joints, relieves arthritis (great blended with juniper). Also helps to control infections. In natural perfumery the oils can be used in incense compositions, spice accords, precious woods bouquets, Oriental compositions, forest notes, ayurvedic blends. Benefits the nervous system and useful in treatment of stress-related conditions such as headache, insomnia and nervous tension. Useful in the treatment of circulation, muscles and joints complications and relieves arthritis, inflamed joints, muscular pains, rheumatism and sprains. Benefits the digestive system and helps improve appetite. Helps control infections. Sugandh Kokila Essential oils and aromatherapy products can also be used in soap making ingredients, lotions, massage oils, diffusers, potpourri, scent, air fresheners, body fragrance, perfume oils, aromatherapy products, bath oils, towel scenting, spa’s, incense, light rings, laundry, facial steams, hair treatments, and more.

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