Holistic Hygiene: Using Essential Oils In Hand Sanitizer Recipes

Germs, bacteria, and infections can be anywhere. From the handles of your doors to the grocery market that you visit every day and many other places, you are unwillingly bound to touch a bacteria-prone surface. This can be at any time of the day and the best way to battle it is by using preventive measures and antibacterial products. Yes, you heard it right. Taking preventive measures is simply cleaning the surfaces time and again and keeping your touch as minimal as possible. The other and the most effective way to get rid of germs and bacteria is to use a hand sanitizer. During the COVID-19 season, hand sanitizer usage took a spike and how. The usage and its efficacy were increased by n number of times. But as time went on, the local hand sanitizers available in the market quite literally took the place of toxins and chemicals. The chemicals that you unknowingly take into your mouth while eating or doing any other chores. On the contrary, we have an effective solution to ditch commercial-based hand sanitizers. You can simply make your DIY hand sanitizer using essential oils.

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Surprising! Isn’t it? Using hand sanitizer in our daily regime is quite obvious as many people keep it in their bags. Taking hand sanitizer everywhere they go is very common these days. So it is better to avail the essence of nature by using the best-smelling essential oils for hand sanitizer. The hand sanitizers that combine natural ingredients like Aloe Vera Gel along with several other essential oils turn out to be incredibly potent and effective. Using it religiously makes a difference and also keeps you free from that nasty alcohol-like fragrance. So are you ready to explore the best essential oils for hand sanitizer? Let’s get started.

Best Essential Oils For Hand Sanitizer

1. Lavender Essential Oil

Always on the top of the list of best Essential oils comes Lavender oil which has phenomenal properties for various skin and health disorders. Talking particularly about its addition in the making of hand sanitizer the Essential oil has mind-boggling properties. Lavender Essential Oil is packed with anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties that keep your skin safe from germs and infections. Additionally, the rich Essential oil also improves sanitizer action and moisturizes your skin.

Several essential oils like lavender smell extremely soothing and relaxing. The oh-so-calming fragrance along with antifungal properties keeps fungal infections at bay and also nurtures your skin. Studies have revealed that the pleasant fragrance of lavender Essential oil brings in a feeling of calmness and alleviates stress and depression.

2. Lemon Essential Oil

While talking about the best-smelling essential oils for hand sanitizer how can we overlook the grail citrus Essential oil? Lemon Essential Oil is highly concentrated with almost no side effects if used optimally. Well, that’s true. The Essential oil is loaded with antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties which majorly eliminates harmful germs. Additionally, the citrusy yet tangy Aroma keeps your mind at ease and also promotes relaxation.

Studies have revealed that lemon Essential oil brings an instant pick-me-up feeling, majorly uplifting your mood while boosting your energy levels. This is the reason why lemon Essential oil comes under the list of best-smelling essential oils for hand sanitizer.

3. Peppermint Essential Oil

Did you know that peppermint Essential oil can also be used in the making of hand sanitizer because it offers rich cooling characteristics? If you are unaware of the cooling effect of peppermint Essential oil then you might be missing out on the most valuable ingredient for your natural remedies. Peppermint Essential Oil possesses anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties that are a must-have while making hand sanitizers in hospitals. Particularly talking about its cooling properties the Essential oil contains menthol which is a cooling compound that tackles the heat in the body and brings down the temperature.

Additionally, the Essential oil offers an invigorating and herbal fragrance that nurtures weakened immune systems and nervous systems. The benefits do not end here as the Essential oil also promotes cognitive abilities, enhances mental clarity, and kicks in high memory power. So using peppermint Essential oil for its soothing and cooling fragrance in the making of hand sanitizer is the best thing you can do.

4. Tea Tree Essential Oil

The very famous tea tree Essential oil also comes in the list of the best essential oils for hand sanitizer in hospitals. Are you wondering why? Well, hospitals require strong fragrances and essential oils that are effective in killing germs and eradicating the chances of bacterial infection. In such cases, Tea Tree Essential Oil comes in very handy for the purpose. Tea tree oil is widely used in making antibacterial products as it has vast aromatherapy benefits with no side effects. Using it to make a hand sanitizer at home is undoubtedly a great idea especially if you have kids at your place.

5. Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil

Another herbal Essential oil that has cogent properties with major advantages is Rosemary oil. If you are searching for the best smelling essential oils for hand sanitizer then Rosemary oil might suit your preferences. Packed with a rejuvenating fragrance the herbal Essential oil majorly tackles the bacteria and germs and kicks them out effectively. On the other hand, Rosemary Essential Oil is also known for enhancing mental abilities and awareness. While all this was not enough the Essential oil also promotes memory power and improves cognitive abilities and mental functionalities for everyone. So using it wisely after proper dilution brings in prominent results.

6. Rose Essential Oil

Last but not least is Rose Essential oil which is a winning fragrance that is loved by everyone. The fragrance of Rose Essential Oil induces relaxation and promotes the feeling of calmness and serenity. Talking about its effectiveness in the making of hand sanitizer the Essential oil performs incredibly well. It mainly reduces germs and bacteria and also keeps your skin feeling soft and nourished.

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Essential oils are highly concentrated and possess almost zero side effects if used appropriately after dilution. However, using the best-smelling essential oils for hand sanitizer helps in eliminating harmful germs. So, grab your set of essential oils for hand sanitizer from Mokshalifestyle.com

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