How To Use Essential Oils To Treat Water Retention?

Water retention creates swollen ankles and looks like a large bulge on the lower part of your calf. Although it’s not usually dangerous, water retention can interfere with your daily activities and make you feel self-conscious. Fortunately, there are many ways to help prevent water retention using natural ingredients that you may have around the house. Water retention is caused when more fluid than normal stays in your body’s tissues beyond its normal limit; this is usually due to a temporary fluctuation of hormones or changes in diet–but it can also be caused by a kidney disorder or other serious condition.

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What essential oils are good for water retention? Essential Oils can affect the situation greatly and find the answer to how to use essential oils for water retention in this article. The best thing you can do when faced with water retention is to avoid behaviors that may worsen the problem such as skipping meals or enacting extreme diets.

Best Essential Oils For Water Retention

Wondering what essential oils are good for water retention? Here is the answer!

1. Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oils for water retention in legs have a lot to offer to those who commonly experience water retention. Women who have specific sorts of bloating during their periods can benefit greatly from using this essential oil. Due to its diuretic characteristics, this essential oil can aid in the body’s removal of toxins. Additionally, rosemary essential oil helps prevent indigestion and acid reflux. The body’s systems are purified, which enhances general health.

2. Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass essential oils for water retention during pregnancy are an excellent choice as well. To address water retention, lemongrass must be ingested rather than applied directly to the skin. Due to its powerful diuretic properties, drinking two cups of tea made with two tablespoons of lemongrass essential oil can help a great deal. Alternatively, you can add this essential oil to food or smoothies to get the same benefits.

3. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil for water retention in the face is also very useful for getting rid of excess water weight. This particular type of essential oil improves circulation and breaks down fat cells that have already accumulated in the body’s tissues. Additionally, peppermint essential oil is an effective irritant for water retention.

4. Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon essential oils for water retention during pregnancy are another excellent addition to your water retention solution. Similar to peppermint, cinnamon also reduces swelling in the tissues of the body. Cinnamon combined with rosemary essential oil will help you lose weight and flatter your figure as well. Without a doubt, cinnamon facilitates better circulation and encourages the elimination of toxins from the system.

5. Fennel Essential Oil

Fennel essential oils for water retention in the legs can be used to remove toxins from your body’s tissues. As its name implies, fennel essential oil boosts the body’s ability to eliminate waste material from its tissues. The effects of this essential oil are similar to that of cinnamon essential oil.

6. Bergamot Essential Oil

Lavender is known for relieving stress and anxiety, but it’s also excellent for water retention. Bergamot essential oils for water retention in the face are perfect for boosting your metabolism and benefiting your body’s systems in other ways as well. A little bit of bergamot can go a long way.

How To Use Essential Oils For Water Retention?

The oils are highly diluted in water, so they will not harm the body unless you have an allergic reaction to a certain oil or your skin is already irritated. Generally, there are three ways for you to apply essential oils for water retention:

1) Take baths with some drops of essential oils.

2) Use them straight from the bottle.

3) Add some drops of essential oil to your hot drink.

How much should I take? – You do not have to take too much as this is not used as a medication but as a food supplement. If you have anxiety, take away a dropper full of essential oil and try it first. If you feel better – keep on taking it although this is not a course that should be taken for the long term.

  • To treat edema and puffiness, dilute around 25 drops of the essential oil in 30ml of carrier oil. The affected area should be massaged with the mixture once daily and twice a week. While some cases of water retention resolve rapidly, others can take a few weeks.
  • To purify your body, diffuse 5–8 drops of the oil for 20 minutes. Diffusing it once a day for a month will be fantastic.

Essential Oil Blend Recipes For Water Retention

Essential Oil Blend Recipes For Water Retention

The most straightforward and likely most effective method of using essential oils for water retention is to make a body oil and massage it into the skin. This suggests that the diuretic essential oils will be absorbed by the skin and transported to the targeted physiological region. Always combine essential oils with a carrier oil before applying them directly to the skin. How to use essential oils for water retention?

Recipe 1:



  • After combining the essential oils with the carrier oil.
  • Apply to the foot and leg with long, firm strokes beginning from the foot up and towards the heart.

Recipe 2:


  • 5 drops of bergamot and rosemary essential oils.


  • Mix with sweet almond oil before applying it to the leg as you would in menopause to eliminate swelling, puffiness, or water retention.

Recipe 3:



  • Massage the blended oils into the feet and legs with light, upward strokes.

Benefits Of Using Essential Oils For Water Retention

1) Essential oils will help you have a good mood and avoid irritability. If you are healthy in general, it will help you have a better immune system which means you will have fewer diseases.

2) It is safe for everyone to use. As long as you are not allergic to the essential oils then it will not harm your body.

3) It has a nice smell so you don’t need to use any other perfumes or lotion. You can even use it with your existing makeup routine without altering the way it looks on you.

4) It can be used as often as you would like, the only limit is how long your skin can handle it.

5) It is inexpensive, furthermore, you are doing something good for yourself and cutting down on future medical bills.

6) Since it is made with natural oils and is water-based, it won’t damage any fabrics and it is environmentally friendly. The essential oils will not dry out or stain anything in your home and are good for everyday use.

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1. How long should you take it?

It’s best to take it only as long as you are uncomfortable, but some people may get a little anxious. You can avoid making it a habit and feel bad if you want to stop while the pain is subsiding. It’s recommended that you don’t take anything too often more than once a day since the body doesn’t absorb them quickly enough and they tend to build up in the body.

2. Does the essential oil work for water retention?

Yes, it works very well in many cases and the relief will last for several hours or even days if used regularly. However, results will vary from person to person due to your personal health history, diet, lifestyle, and other factors.

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