Nature’s Remedy: Using Essential Oils To Alleviate Anxiety And Stress

In recent times anxiety has hit almost thousands of people and a group of them still face it every day. As per studies, published by the American Psychological Association almost 8 people out of 10 feel anxious and stressed in daily life. Day-to-day stress and anxiety usually pile up and lead to mental health issues along with various physical concerns. Dealing with them can be a tough task as many people find it difficult to relieve their anxiety levels. So what is the solution? It is none other than the best essential oils for anxiety and stress. Yes, you heard it right. Essential Oils are a holistic approach that provides relief from anxiety and feelings of restlessness and depression. Additionally, aromatherapy is a great way to get instant relief from stress as the Aroma is extremely powerful and effective in calming your mind. So are you ready to explore the power of essential oils for anxiety and depression?

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The science behind using essential oils for anxiety and panic attacks is the healing properties of essential oils with the added benefits of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy majorly focuses on the soothing fragrance of essential oil which enhances mental clarity tackles emotional well-being and also improves your overall physical health. Not only this but the presence of chemical compounds in the best essential oils for anxiety usually possess antifungal and anti-inflammatory qualities. Once you inhale the fragrance of essential oils, it immensely nurtures your body and makes you feel relaxed and stress-free.

7 Best Essential Oils For Anxiety

While talking about the best essential oils for anxiety, let us look at the connection between fragrances and emotional well-being. Inhaling your preferred fragrance primarily creates a balance between your brain and emotional well-being. It instantly transfers signals to the limbic system in the brain which usually manages all your memories and emotions.

The fragrance of essential oils enhances your psychological well-being and also provides relief from hypertension, panic attacks, stress, and anxiety levels. So, here’s presenting the top 7 essential oils for anxiety and stress.

1. Lavender Essential Oil For Anxiety

One of the widely recognized essential oils for anxiety and stress is lavender Essential oil. Rich in calming and relaxing properties, this essential oil calms your mind and body in the best ways possible. Not only this but studies have revealed that lavender Essential oil majorly reduces the symptoms of GAD and also tackles mental stress panic attacks and feelings of depression.

Since the Essential oil is rich in anti-inflammatory, calming, and relaxing properties, it majorly reduces the cortisol level in your body which is a stress hormone. It also reduces high blood pressure and heart rate and manages several types of skin concerns. To use Lavender Essential Oil for anxiety you can simply diffuse it to fill your room with a pacifying Aroma. Alternatively, you can also add lavender Essential oil in Epsom salt for a relaxing bath soak.

2. Tea Tree Essential Oil For Stress And Depression

Did you know that tea tree essential oil can be a great addition to your routine to reduce the feeling of stress and anxiety? Major studies have considered the effectiveness of Tea Tree Essential Oil as it majorly calms your mind and also eases the symptoms of depression.

Additionally, tea tree essential oil has a strong herbal scent which might not be ideal for everyone. But it surely has calming effects to alleviate the high-intensity feelings.

3. Chamomile Essential Oil For Anxiety And Depression

How about using the potent chamomile Essential oil which is primarily extracted from the Matricaria Chamomilla plant? The potent Essential oil is known for its comforting fragrance and properties to reduce anxiety and stress to a great extent. Researchers have demonstrated that Chamomile Essential Oil is rich in soothing properties which is why it is added to herbal teas to promote relaxation of the mind and to relieve anxiety. While all this was not enough, chamomile Essential oil also bears a rich compound known as Apigenin which eases symptoms of anxiety, tackles sleeplessness, and reduces depression.

4. Rose Essential Oil

Rose Essential Oil

While talking about the best essential oils for ox anxiety we can consider the soothing fragrance of Rose Essential oil. Yes, you heard it right. Rose Essential Oil is derived from fresh rose petals through the steam distillation method. Essential oil there for possesses relaxing properties along with a soothing and comforting fragrance which significantly reduces anxiety levels tackles panic attacks and also managers the symptoms of depression. A recent study has demonstrated the effectiveness of rows Essential oil to lower blood pressure levels in the body.

Everyone adores roses because of their rich floral fragrance. In the same way, Rose essential oil reduces the emotions of nervousness Greece and anxiety while rejuvenating your mind to think greater and better.

5. Sandalwood Essential Oil

The best grounding essential oils are one of the must-haves in the list of the best essential oils for anxiety and panic attacks. Sandalwood essential oil has grounding effects that linger in your mind and make you feel connected to Mother Nature. It also enhances your cognitive abilities, promotes mental clarity, and tackles anxiety and stress.

Did you know that sandalwood Essential oil also enhances your spiritual journey and provokes the feeling of godly devotion and openness? Someone has rightly said that a true connection to God can help you get rid of mental issues like anxiety, panic attacks, and feelings of depression.

6. Jasmine Essential Oil

Floral essential oils are the need of the hour as they are packed with the most soothing fragrance. Jasmine oil is one of them which helps to maintain a positive mindset and also reduces the feeling of anxiousness and depression. The potent essential oil has aphrodisiac properties that promote sexual wellness and induce a spark of romanticism. This is the reason why Jasmine Essential Oil is considered one of the best essential oils for romantic feelings.

7. Peppermint Essential Oil

The list of best essential oils for anxiety ends with the cooling oil which is peppermint Essential oil. Peppermint Essential Oil is widely recognized because of its cooling nature that instantly calms your mind and also promotes the feeling of positivity and relaxation. Additionally, the Essential oil also keeps you centric towards your goals and improves cognitive abilities. It further enhances mental clarity and bursts the bubbles of confusion, overthinking, and sadness. All this is mainly because of a rich compound present in peppermint Essential oil which is menthol. Menthol acts as a cooling agent and reduces tension and headaches.

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The bottom line as we say is the major benefit of essential oils for anxiety and stress. If you are keen to include essential oils in your daily routine check out a variety of organic and pure essential oils available at

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