Nerve Soothing Serenity: Essential Oils For Trigeminal Neuralgia Relief

If there is one thing that almost everyone deals with these days is migraine issues headaches or intense pain around the head. Many of you might agree with this. Studies have revealed that many people these days suffer from trigeminal neuralgia. Are you wondering what this condition is all about? Well majorly recognized as one of the most painful disorders around the head area, the condition of Trigeminal Neuralgia irritates the nerves and causes discomfort. This usually comes from the nervous system. Many people who go through this situation also claim that the condition is quite identical to receiving a shock suddenly. While there are several ways to treat this condition effectively, we usually recommend first opting for natural remedies like essential oils for Trigeminal Neuralgia. Using essential oils can reduce the severity of the condition and tackle the inflammation associated with trigeminal neuralgia.

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Studies have revealed that some of the best essential oils help to deal with the condition of Trigeminal Neuralgia which is often referred to as nerve pain. Let us dive into the topic and understand more about Trigeminal Neuralgia.

What Is Trigeminal Neuralgia?

Trigeminal Neuralgia mainly refers to the extreme pain around the nerves. It leads to a constant stabbing pain along with a tingling and burning sensation. This might also feel like you are going through a throbbing pain over and over again. It is quite evident to understand that the condition of trigeminal neuralgia comes through a severe injury or damage to your nerves. While it can occur anywhere in any part of your body many factors usually lead to the damage. For some people conditions like sclerosis or diabetes might provoke infections or attacks.

After knowing almost everything about this nervous condition let us now explore the best home remedies that might help you in the long run. Of course, if you are feeling the intense pain you should always consult doctors before indulging in any remedy of their own.

Best Essential Oils For Trigeminal Neuralgia

There are some of the Essential oil that are proven to be effective for Trigeminal Neuralgia. So, let us check them out.

1. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil has a lot to do with the pain and stiffness in your body. Talking specifically about its efficacy in treating trigeminal neuralgia, essential oil serves as the best option. Yes, you heard it right. Lavender essential oil is packed with a high content of Linalyl Acetate and Linalool which are the two most important compounds. These compounds are highly responsible for providing relief from pain and inflammation due to their analgesic effects. As per the studies conducted in 2020, the results show that lavender Essential oil also possesses antihyperalgesic properties which are great if you inhale the fragrance to get rid of the pain and stress in your mind.

Not only this but lavender Essential oil also works to provide a numbing sensation to your mind that instantly reduces the severity of pain and even discards the perception of pain through Mu receptors. It is fascinating to know that lavender Essential oil visibly reduces pain if used as a massage oil or even through a diffuser.

2. Peppermint Essential Oil

If you are searching for the best essential oils for Trigeminal Neuralgia then peppermint oil can be your best friend. Yes, that’s true. Experts and research papers have demonstrated that peppermint essential oil has a cooling compound known as menthol which directly works on the trigminal nerve. As you know this nerve is mainly responsible for transmitting the temperature in your body. Controlling it via essential oils can be an ideal option.

Well, peppermint Essential oil also works great as it has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which can reduce the worsening of pain and also tackle inflammation. Doctors usually recommend using peppermint essential oil after dilution to get rid of neuropathic pain and even trigeminal Neuralgia.

3. Organic Rosemary Essential Oil For Pain

How about using herbal essential oils to get rid of nerve pain around your jawline? If you are also a fan of grassy fragrances then Rosemary Essential oil can be an ideal choice. Rosemary oil is probably one of the most potent essential oils to tackle nerve pain, joint stiffness, and muscle aches. If we talk specifically about its efficacy in treating trigeminal neuralgia, it turns out to be one of the most effective ones. Not only this but the Essential oil has antinociceptive properties which reduces the aggressiveness associated with this condition. Another set of clinical studies has demonstrated that Rosemary Essential Oil also reduces inflammation, relieves nerve pain, and is a great option for treating neuropathy in diabetic patients. The presence of turpies in Rosemary Essential oil helps to calm your nervous system and instantly offers a soothing effect.

4. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Another great Essential oil which is also known as one of the best essential oils for Trigeminal Neuralgia is Roman chamomile oil. Chamomile Essential oil is widely known for its stress-relieving properties. This is the reason why it is added in heavy-duty organic and herbal teas along with painkillers due to its soothing properties. The Essential oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antibacterial properties which serve as a safe option to tackle various skin disorders along with muscle pain and joint stiffness. Chamomile Essential oil also soothes inflamed and affected areas of Trigeminal Neuralgia.


The condition of trigeminal neuralgia is not a new one. It has been in the industry for quite a long time and people usually consult their doctors to reduce its effect. As per our experts using the best essential oils for Trigeminal Neuralgia is great for a longer use. If you use it for a short period there might be no visible effects. So, make sure to get your hands on the best essential oils for trigeminal neuralgia from Moksha Lifestyles and keep your senses relieved from pain and other conditions.

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1) Is it safe to use Essential Oils for Trigeminal Neuralgia?

Our piece of advice says that it is safe to use essential oils for this condition. However, we also recommend you first consult your doctor and then use essential oils to calm down your nerves and stress associated with the condition.

2) How can we use Essential Oils for Trigeminal Neuralgia?

You can use the essential oils for Trigeminal Neuralgia in two ways. Simply inhale the Aroma of the best essential oils to relieve the stress and soothe your nerves. Alternatively, you can also apply the essential oils using tissue on your trigger points for profound after-effects.

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