Scented Smiles: Essential Oils For Promoting Healthy Dog Teeth

The time has arrived when pet owners are finally taking good care of their furry pugs by keeping an eye on their oral health. The oral health of your dogs is necessary as they lick you as a gesture of love and usually transmit a lot to your body. While all this is pretty common these days it is important to understand that the oral health of your dog is equally vital. In this editorial, we will explore the benefits of aroma therapy for your dog. Are you wondering how? Well, today’s topic mainly talks about the best essential oils for dog teeth. Of course, one should not in just essential oils for dogs as it might lead to a direct impact on their heart kidney, and even digestive system. But guess what, using it in a diluted format after understanding your dog’s health can prove to be a beneficial natural remedy. So here’s presenting the best essential oils for dog teeth and gums.

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In today’s environment, the oral hygiene of an individual and even dogs is very important. It contributes to their overall health and various other aspects. And if you do not take care of your dog’s oral health it can lead to various diseases in their body. So before jumping on to the natural remedies or essential oils for dogs’ teeth, it is important to review the major causes of unhealthy teeth and gums in dogs.

Causes Of Unhealthy Teeth And Gums In Dogs

  • Improper hygiene of dogs and poor oral health
  • Digestive issues
  • Risk of cancer
  • Lack of oral product usage

If you are conscious about your dog’s oral health then you might take good care of their teeth and gums which might not trigger the condition of rotten gums. To maintain their oral health and keep them free of oral diseases like unhealthy gums and other conditions then kindly include these essential oils in their oral healthcare routine.

Best Essential Oils For Dog Teeth And Gums

As per studies, we do not recommend using essential oils directly for your dogs as it might be a toxic choice or may even lead to several Health Care concerns. Only a few essential oils are considered to be safe options for your dog and the best of them are listed below. One should always use these essential oils after consulting with their veterinarian and proper dilution. Without any further delay let’s get started.

1. Geranium Essential Oil

The first on the list of best essential oils for dogs’ teeth is geranium Essential oil. Geranium oil is considered to be a dog-safe Essential oil that has amazing properties that cure dogs’ bad oral health. Additionally, this Essential oil is packed with anti-inflammatory antioxidant, and antibacterial properties that serve as a great healing agent for your dog. People usually diffuse geranium Essential oil in their houses to initiate a calming and refreshing environment. Using it for your dog’s teeth can be a beneficial aspect.

All you can do is simply look for products for your dog’s oral health that contain geranium Essential oil as an ingredient. We do not recommend dilution of geranium Essential oil with water or any other liquid for that matter to tackle unhealthy teeth or gums of your Furry pet.

2. Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger essential oil is another ideal and effective Essential oil for dogs’ teeth and gums. Are you surprised? Well, researchers have concluded that Ginger Essential Oil is strong and truly serves as one of the most effective remedies to treat unhealthy gums and teeth in dogs. However, as mentioned above we would recommend looking out for products that contain Ginger Essential oil.

Ginger oil is safe to diffuse around dogs as it helps with a calming Aroma and also promotes relaxation and a pleasant aroma in your home.

3. Lemongrass Essential Oil

Do you know that lemongrass Essential oil is safe to use around dogs? Studies have revealed that lemongrass Essential oil has a mix of citrus, tangy, and herbal Aromas that is majorly used to repel insects, fleas, bugs, and ticks from dogs’ skin. Additionally, the Essential oil also smells pleasant and keeps your dogs feeling healthy. If you want to use lemongrass Essential oil for dogs’ teeth and gums then simply look out for a toothpaste that contains lemongrass oil as an ingredient.

4. Citronella Essential Oil

How about using citronella Essential oil for dogs’ teeth and gums? You might be shocked that citronella Essential oil has amazing properties to keep your dogs healthy and strong. Not only this part citronella Essential oil has major properties that help to kick off those pesky insects, fleas, bugs, and ticks from your dog’s skin. Additionally, you can also diffuse citronella Essential oil around dogs as they are not allergic to the fragrance.

5. Copaiba Balsam Essential Oil

Copaiba balsam Essential oil has phenomenal qualities that serve to be an ideal addition to your dog’s healthcare routine. Yes, you heard it right. Extracted from the SAP of a tree in the Amazon forest this Essential oil holds beneficial qualities that manage your dog’s oral health.

Other Tips For Dogs’ Teeth And Gums

Other Tips For Dogs’ Teeth And Gums

The major steps that you can follow to enhance your dog’s oral health are listed below:

  • Make sure to feed your pet a nutritious diet that includes raw meat bones and muscle meat. Nutritional content majorly brings many benefits to managing your dog’s oral health, specifically teeth and gums.
  • Supplements for dogs are available in the market. Make sure to include probiotic supplements and help your dogs chew them properly so that it encourages healthy gums and teeth in the long run.
  • You can also feed the bone broth to your dogs as it helps to boost the health of their gums and teeth.
  • To deal with unhealthy gums and teeth of your dogs you can also use Aloe Vera Gel.

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The health of your dogs is very important especially if they are small. Oral health is something that not many pet owners pay attention to. So make sure to keep an eye on your dog’s teeth and gums and include the best essential oils for dog teeth in their routine for added benefits.

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