Soothe The Puff: 7 Mighty Essential Oils To Crush Swelling

Essential oils have been utilized for years for their therapeutic and healing properties. Since they are extracted from plants they hold the essence of the plant and are very strong and concentrated. Every Essential oil contains unique benefits for your skin, hair, and overall health. But did you know that you can also use essential oils for other conditions like inflammation swelling or post-effects of injury or surgery? Well, many people who deal with poor circulation or swelling after an injury can try the best essential oils for swelling as they’re packed with various properties that enhance your overall well-being and also tackle inflammation.

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When a point arises to choose the best essential oils for swelling and inflammation there are so many things to keep in mind. First things first it is important to clear out the root cause of swelling or inflammation if you are suffering from swelling after surgery make sure to consult your doctor before using any Essential Oil on the surface. Secondly, if you are dealing with swelling during pregnancy you can diffuse the essential oils for a relaxing environment. However, applying it topically might not be a good choice and one should always consult their gynecologist before using concentrated oils. Lastly, many people suffer from swelling due to bug bites, mosquito bites, infections, and ticks. In these cases, nothing comes close to the best essential oils for swelling and inflammation.

Best Essential Oils For Swelling

The best essential oils for swelling feet are highly researched as they improve blood circulation in your body and also reduce inflammation to a great extent. Not only this but it also carries analgesic qualities which instantly reduce the discomfort associated with swelling on feet. Now that we are clear about the efficacy of essential oils for swelling, it is time to explore the best of them and the ways to use them for maximum benefits.

1. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil For Swelling

Essential oils can make a world of difference when you start using them to tackle various problems including swelling and inflammation on any part of your body. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil has a unique Aroma that is sweet and strong at the same time. Essential oil is one of the ancient natural remedies that is used to relieve swelling inflammation and pain. A recent study demonstrated that chamomile Essential oil for muscle pain is used in various massage oils. Since it has the properties to reduce swelling and pain it also has warming effects which tackles rheumatic pain. Additionally, chamomile Essential oil is packed with antiphlogistic properties which majorly treat skin disorders including Eczema and psoriasis.

2. Lavender Essential Oil For Swelling After Surgery

The king of essential oils Lavender oil is a versatile oil that is packed with immense qualities that not only reduce pain but also tackle the swelling associated with injuries. Lavender Essential oil has a very calming and soothing Aroma which is incredibly beneficial to tackle the feelings of anxiety and stress. Many people encounter the feeling of stress due to swelling inflammation or any other health disorder. Lavender Essential Oil in that case comes to the rescue as it majorly eliminates inflammation and also reduces swelling over time. According to a study in 2015, it is quite evident that lavender Essential oil has anti-spasmodic properties along with analgesic qualities which promote blood circulation reduce stiff and sour muscles, and also provide relief from menstrual cramps.

3. Sweet Basil Essential Oil For Swelling During Pregnancy

Did you know that you can use sweet Basil Essential oil to release swelling during pregnancy? Not many people are aware of the major advantages of Sweet Basil Essential Oil for swelling. The Essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties which diminishes inflammation on your skin and also reduces joint and muscle pain. Due to all these properties sweet Basil Essential oil is also known as one of the best essential oils for muscle pain. It is also renowned as one of the most effective essential oils for knee pain and inflammation.

4. Ginger Essential Oil For Swelling Feet

Ginger Essential oil, one which has been used for almost a thousand years because of its affluent pain-relieving properties is truly a must-have to reduce swelling. Studies have demonstrated that using Ginger Essential oil religiously during a bath or as a pain-relieving oil majorly helps to reduce Arthritis pain along with inflammation. You can just not go wrong with using Ginger Essential Oil for chronic and acute inflammation as it has a rich compound known as gingerol which instantly reduces the soreness in muscles and also eliminates stiffness and spasms.

5. Orange Essential Oil For Pain And Inflammation

Orange Essential Oil For Pain And Inflammation

Say goodbye to inflammation pain and swelling after surgery or during pregnancy with the citrus Essential oil. Orange Essential oil is a powerhouse of anti-spasmodic properties which majorly produces inflammation after surgery and also diminishes pain over time. The Orange Essential Oil is rich in chemical compounds like Linalool, Citronellol, and B-Myrcene which are all known for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic capabilities. They not only relieve cramps but also reduce swelling after surgery, Arthritis pain, joint stiffness, and muscle pain. Using Orange Essential oil for swelling and inflammation also promotes blood circulation to a great extent.

6. Peppermint Essential Oil For Pain And Swelling

Peppermint Essential oil comes from the mint family and is rich in a compound called menthol. Menthol acts as a cooling agent to relieve the inflammation and burns associated with swelling after surgery. If you are keen to use Peppermint Essential Oil for swelling make sure to add it to your boring routine for immense benefits. One can also use a peppermint bath soak to get relief from swelling. Essential oil is rich in anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and anti-microbial properties which comforts your body.

7. Tea Tree Oil For Swelling

The rich anti-inflammatory Essential oil is a delight to have as it solves several health issues. Tea Tree Essential Oil is the one for you that reduces swelling like a PRO. Since it has antibacterial and anti-microbial properties it also helps to reduce the fungal or bacterial infections residing around the swelled area. One can use tea tree Essential oil for swelling during pregnancy after consulting with their gynecologist

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Essential oils for swelling do not cause any harm if used correctly. Using essential oils in a minimal quantity with proper precautions and dilution is the only point that everyone should remember. Along with this, it is necessary to utilize quality-oriented products to get relief from various disorders. At Moksha Lifestyles, our team serves 100% steam-distilled essential oils extracted directly from the plants.

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