Soothing Solutions: Best Essential Oils For Staph Infection Relief

Infections on the skin are quite evident these days. Some infections are triggered by a certain type of bacteria that may look very ugly on the skin. One such infection is a staph infection. This might lead to serious skin redness and inflammation which can trigger over some time. Curing it using natural remedies can be a great choice.

However, a doctor’s consultation is also required to treat staph infections if it has reached its last stage. But if you are in the initial stage, consider a treatment like essential oils for staph infection on the skin. Today in this editorial we will explore the best essential oils for staph infections on the skin along with their safe usage. Without any further delay let’s get started.

What Is Staph Infection?

Staph infections in medical terms are known as Staphylococcal Infections. It is usually triggered by a bacteria known as Staphylococcus. This bacteria has over 30 different ranges which can cause serious infection on your skin that usually appears on the genitals, mouth, nose, and even on the anal area. Some people also get this condition on their feet as it take in the bacteria. If you are wondering what this infection looks like then it probably starts with a minor or deep cut in your skin. This further gets inflamed with the Staphylococcus bacteria which can make it look yellowish on the outside and pus on the inside.

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Staph infections are of different types and they can get way too severe if not treated on time. Not only this but some of the antibiotics are available to treat it quite well. As you know, overuse of antibiotics may lead to various other health concerns.

Symptoms Of Staph Infections

Let us consider some of the major symptoms of staph infection.

  • Cellulitis is one of the major reasons which can trigger this type of infection. It gives birth to painful inflamed and swollen skin.
  • The boils and abscesses on the skin are usually found beneath the skin and may trigger redness, inflammation, and pain.
  • Impetigo is usually blisters that are filled with pus and appear yellow or brown crust-like and cause rupture of the skin.
  • Folliculitis also appears like a pimple under the skin which encloses hair follicles in it and may lead to pain and inflammation.

Staph infections can usually affect various parts of your body and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Breast and chest. People can develop mastitis, extreme inflammation, and swelling in their breasts, especially during breastfeeding.
  • Skin. The most common part of this infection is your entire skin. Your skin may produce blisters, boils, and other skin conditions that get triggered by the bacteria of staph infections.
  • Bones. The bacteria in your skin can also affect your bones and trigger severe inflammation. This type of staph infection is known as osteomyelitis.

Best Essential Oils For Staph Infections

If you are wondering what essential oils might help to reduce or eliminate the condition of staph infections then kindly consider the ones mentioned below:

1. Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree Essential oil is probably one of the widely recognized oils which is also known as Melaleuca Oil in botanical terms. The rich Essential oil is primarily extracted from the leaves of tea tree plants. Known for its potent antiviral antibacterial and antifungal properties the Essential oil tackles various skin conditions. Not only this but it also cures hair concerns like scalp irritation, itchiness, dandruff hair fall, and baldness. As per studies, tea tree Essential oil for staph infection on the skin is proven to offer amazing results. Additionally, the Essential oil also fights against the bacterial activity of various destructive path organs including Staphylococcus, Enterococcus, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. All these bacteria might lead to various skin concerns including stomach virus infection blood pneumonia skin infection and even food poisoning. Thankfully tea tree Essential oil improves your skin condition by destroying the harmful bacteria that triggers staph infection.

2. Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon Essential oil is another ideal one that proves to be an effective antibacterial Essential oil for staph infection. Are you concerned about how it helps to cure skin care problems? Studies have revealed that cinnamon Essential oil is quite effective as it has numbing properties along with antibacterial and antifungal qualities. As per a recent study published in the Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice, the effectiveness of cinnamon oil is proven for root canals and other dental conditions.

On that note, cinnamon oil for staph infection is quite compatible as it is an efficient option that fights against Staphylococcus bacteria. The Essential oil also works as an antimicrobial agent to reduce skin inflammation redness and extreme pain due to staph infections.

3. Clove Essential Oil

Clove Essential Oil

Did you know that clove Essential oil which is widely recognized for its usage for tooth pain is also an effective treatment for staph infections? Clove oil for tooth pain is known by everyone but only a handful of people know about its potency which tackles staph infections. Studies have claimed that clove Essential oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties which fight from different ranges of Staphylococcus bacteria. Not only this but the Essential oil is known to treat extreme fungal candidiasis and is usually prescribed as an antibiotic to treat bacterial vaginosis.

Using clove Essential oil for staph infections performs exceptionally well as it contributes to no skin irritation and also clears out the scars.

4. Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass Essential oil is probably the one that has phenomenal properties that help to cure staph infections in various parts of your body. As mentioned above, a staph infection can appear anywhere on your skin. Reducing it and ultimately eliminating it is the only choice you prefer.

In this condition, lemongrass Essential oil helps. Essential oil is a great antibacterial and antimicrobial agent as shown by researchers. Not only this but lemongrass Essential oil is known to protect our skin and even body from harmful bacteria and fungal growth.

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Essential oils are uniformly the best soothing solutions for your skin especially to deal with infections like staph infection.

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