Balancing Blood Sugar: Best Essential Oils For Diabetes Management

In today’s generation, it has become very important for everyone to keep a check on their health, if it is doing well or not. Many times people forget to check their diet and nutrition intake which in turn leads to a spike in the level of sugar in their body. People who are intolerant to insulin should always avoid sugar to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep diabetes at bay. But, surprisingly many people continue to take sugar in their routine which leads to a very destructive effect on their health. It is very important to keep your sugar level in check and for that we have the best essential oils for diabetes that help you deal with this problem. Yes, you heard it right. Essential oils for diabetes are a prominent choice for people who are looking to keep control of this problem.

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There are a lot of symptoms of diabetes and some of them include loss of immunity, digestive issues, cuts, wounds, and other problems. On another note, the high blood sugar level in your body also provokes a level of stress and worsens your skin condition, and leads to severe acne and pimples. Now you might be thinking what are the best essential oils for diabetes and why you should use them? Well, there are so many reasons to use the best essential oils for diabetes type 1. The primary reason is that essential oils help to reduce the stress level in your body and keep it under control when diffused. So all in all, if you inhale the pacifying fragrance of the best essential oils for diabetes, it might help to lower your anxiety and stress level which in turn can keep your diabetes in control.

Are Essential Oils Effective For Diabetes Management?

Diabetes management is a whole new topic and people should always understand the importance of natural remedies in their life. If you are still wondering why you should use essential oils to control diabetes and manage it then, here are some valuable reasons. Essential oils have drool-worthy healing, therapeutic, and aromatherapy benefits which help to tackle insulin sensitivity. Some essential oils help to ease the pain that is induced by diabetes type 2. Several essential oils for diabetes help to reduce the symptoms and the stringency of diabetes and many others also help to reduce your weight. When your weight is on hold, your blood sugar levels are stable and might not affect your health.

Essential oils are also a great choice as they help to heal bones faster than ever, keep stress and anxiety away from you, improve your sleeping pattern and keep a check on your on the quality of your sleep and also reduce irritation and inflammation. Overall, essential oils must be considered for every other health concern that you might be facing today because they have commendable benefits that might also help you heal internally.

Top 5 Essential Oils For Diabetes

1. Coriander Essential Oil

Ever heard of a kitchen herb that is used as an essential oil to cure diabetes? It is quite surprising to notice Coriander Essential oil in the list of the best essential oils for diabetes. Thanks to the incredible qualities of coriander essential oil, that helps to cure diabetes and keeps the symptoms of diabetes at bay. Coriander Essential Oil serves two purposes for people who are suffering from diabetes. Firstly, it compares the activity of your insulin by your body cells. The second purpose of coriander essential oil for diabetes is that it promotes the release of insulin from your pancreas. Research and studies have demonstrated that coriander essential oil is very effective in reducing LDL and total cholesterol levels in your body. It also diminishes triglycerides and spikes up HDL cholesterol. Doctors have also said that coriander essential oil is one of the best essential oils to maintain blood sugar levels.

2. Clove Essential Oil For Diabetes Type 2

If you have type two diabetes and you are looking for the best essential oils for diabetes then make sure to buy Clove Essential oil. Clove Essential oil is a very strong one which has potent qualities that helps to balance the insulin level in your body. It also fights against the free radical damage in your body and the harmful effects that comes from it. Apart from all this, Clove Essential Oil also keeps your glucose level in check while reducing cholesterol and high blood sugar levels. One of the primary causes of diabetes is inflammation or irritation in your body which Clove Essential oil effectively combats like a pro. So, now you do not have to worry about the spread of inflammation because Clove Essential oil tackles all the problems like cataract cardiovascular disorders and ulcers. If you are willing to include Clove Essential oil in your daily routine then you can simply dilute it with a carrier oil and use it for massage.

3. Lemon Balm Essential Oil For Diabetes Type 1

Another ideal essential oil to battle diabetes and take care of your blood sugar level is lemon balm essential oil. Lemon balm Essential oil is popularly known as Melissa Essential Oil. You might have not heard about this basic name of the essential oil but studies have proven that including this oil in your routine comes with a lot of splendor benefits. From combating digestive issues, symptoms of anxiety, and stress to keeping your blood sugar level in control, lemon balm essential oil does it all for you without any side effects. Another best thing about using lemon balm Essential oil is that it helps in glucose regulation and reduces the chances of acidity gas and digestive issues.

4. Oregano Essential Oil For Diabetes Management

Oregano Essential Oil For Diabetes

Want to use an effective essential oil that keeps type 2 diabetes at bay? Go for Oregano Essential oil as it helps to improve and handle your digestive tract which assists your body to digest the sugar content easily. If you are thinking about how to use essential oils for diabetes then simply diffuse Oregano Essential Oil and kick off the problem of bloating, acidity, and stomach ache from your life. Thanks to the potent properties of Oregano Essential oil that work well to reduce the problem of heartburn, joint pain, and muscle problem.

5. Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

If you are searching for essential oils for diabetes type 1 then nothing better than cinnamon bark essential oil. Packed with the most potent antimicrobial, antifungal, and other qualities cinnamon back Essential oil helps to reduce the blood sugar level in your body. The cinnamon bark essential oil available at Moksha Lifestyle is extracted by steam distillation method and reveals a vibrant brown-reddish color. This simply comes from a compound that is loaded in cinnamon cark essential oil known as eugenol. Cinnamon cark Essential oil works for all types of diabetes and helps to lower your cholesterol and glucose levels to a great extent.

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Diabetes is a health condition that has endless treatments. Many people opt for medications, some opt for injections and others rely on natural treatments like essential oils. But you must always keep in mind that essential oils are not the only cure for diabetes and must not be used as the only solution to cure the disease. For some people, diabetes can be a lifelong disease and that’s why we suggest you try Moksha Lifestyle pure and organic essential oil.

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