Urine Infection Relief: Best Essential Oils For Natural Healing

Today’s blog is a very interesting and valuable one. Do you know why we say that? Today we are going to talk about urine infection and its treatment and how essential oils can help in eliminating this disease. UTI, or urine infection generally known as urinary tract infection, is a widely spread disease that can affect anybody. It doesn’t matter what your age and gender are the infection can cause a serious condition in your body and can be hazardous if not treated on time. Studies have revealed that medications and antibiotics are used to eliminate the problem of Urine infection.

But one must also consider the natural solutions to this problem instead of relying on supplements entirely. The best essential oils for urine infection are a perfect addition to your lifestyle routine as they help to tackle the symptoms carefully and restrict the worsening of the problem. The best essential oils for urine infection are used in several ways to cure the disease effectively. Essential Oils are packed with so many qualities that help to treat the problem of UTI and cure it. However, you will need medical support for the same but Essential oils help to settle down the situation to a great extent as it is loaded with the essence of beneficial plants that can be very good for your health.

Do you know how urine infection gets into your body? Well, as per research urine infection can affect women and men both. In women, the infection comes from very harmful bacteria and might also aggravate your body intensely. Thanks to the essential oils for urine infection, they work like a charm to tackle this condition and fight against the bacteria. The best and the most effective essential oils for urine infection are packed with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that cut off the presence of bacteria in your urinary tract and keep you away from this disease.

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If you are interested to know more about the best essential oils for the infection then keep on reading as we will share some amazing facts about essential oils today.

Best Essential Oils For Urine Infection

1. Tea Tree Essential Oil

If there is one essential oil that you have to pick for your entire life for almost all your health, skin, and haircare concerns then you can never deny tea tree essential oil. Tea tree Essential Oil is extracted from the substantial leaves of tea tree which you can find in Australia. You can simply use this essential oil by diluting it with a carrier oil and applying it to your lower belly to get instant relief from urine infection pain.

Studies have revealed that tea tree essential oil is one of the most effective essential oils for urine infection pain and infection as it is a natural remedy that works directly on bacterial infection. The potent anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties of tea tree essential oil obliterate the bacteria in your urinary tract and relieve pain, discomfort, and inflammation.

2. Oregano Essential Oil For Urine Infection

Oregano Essential oil is known as one of the best natural remedies for urine infection pain and infection. The Essential oil is loaded with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral properties along with some important active components like thymol and carvacrol. These active compounds in Oregano Essential Oil are known to reduce various bacterial infections along with strains and other problems related to UTIs.

Studies have also shown that oregano essential oil is an excellent option for people who have been suffering from UTI pain for a very long time and have inflammation in their bodies. Inflammation can lead to severe urine infection and extreme discomfort which can be very frustrating and excruciating. Kudos to the oregano essential oil for urine infection which works like a pro to facilitate the symptoms of this disease.

3. Lavender Essential Oil

One of the most effective and potent essential oils for almost all your health care concerns is Lavender Essential oil. Lavender Essential oil is power-packed with antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties that help to reduce pain and discomfort in your urinary tract. It also fights with the infection-causing bacteria. Not only this but lavender essential oil also helps to calm your mind and relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety. All these things are a major cause of urine infection and lavender essential oil tackles it in one go. Also one must not forget the mind-blowing and intensely amazing pain-reducing properties of lavender essential oil.

Lavender Essential oil is extracted from the lavender buds and has calming properties which ease pain and discomfort linked with urine infection. If you are suffering from intense pain due to UTI then make sure to use lavender essential oil by diluting it with the carrier oil and applying it on your lower abdomen.

4. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

If you are confused about which essential oils are good for urine infection then definitely try peppermint essential oil. As you already know peppermint essential oil is jam-packed with a cooling and calming compound known as menthol. Menthol is a cooling agent that provides a chill and cold sensation in your body by alleviating discomfort and pain. Along with all the goodness that peppermint essential oil brings to your body it also has a numbing effect that helps to tackle the extreme discomfort linked with urine infection. A recent study has revealed that peppermint essential oil is a great pick for people suffering from urine infection as it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that eliminate inflammation in your urinary tract and keep bacterial infection at bay.

5. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

How to use essential oils for urine infection is a common point these days. But which essential oils are best for urine infection treatment is still a concern. We found that Eucalyptus Essential Oil is amazing as it reduces pain in your urinary tract. If you have been facing urine infection for a very long time then definitely try eucalyptus essential oil as it smells minty and tangy which helps to boost your immune system and fights against bacterial and respiratory infections. Apart from all this eucalyptus essential oil keeps many diseases at bay including liver detox, digestive problems, acidity, bloating, and gas.

6. Lemongrass Essential Oil

If you are searching for essential oils for kidney UTI and the best essential oils for urine infection in children then you can never forget lemongrass essential oil. Lemongrass Essential oil has the power to tackle almost all severe illnesses along with urine infection and pain. It is a great addition to your routine as it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help to eradicate the presence of germs in your body. A study conducted about essential oils in 2010 demonstrated that Lemongrass Essential Oil is a powerful representative as it helps to eliminate the poisonous and harmful bacteria and pathogens in your body and helps you feel relaxed. Also, lemongrass essential oil is rich in antioxidant, pain-relieving, soothing, calming, and antibacterial properties that eliminate the chances of bacterial growth in your urinary tract.

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It’s a wrap for the best essential oils for urine infection. The best essential oil finds were a hit this time as they are loaded with qualities that solve the problem of urine infection. If you find this useful make sure to read other blogs about beauty, health, life, and others at mokshalifestyle.com

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