Restful Aromas: Best Essential Oils To Combat Sleepiness Naturally

Good morning peeps! Oh, are you still in your bed? Well, we believe you aren’t aware that the summer has already approached and it’s time to get out of bed ASAP. So what is stopping you from coming out? Is it your sleep? If yes then you are at the right spot. Today our main task is to help you stay awake and combat sleepiness so that you feel energized and refreshed. Yes, we know you might be thinking how is that possible? With the power of aromatherapy, everything is possible however it takes some time to show results. Sleepiness can majorly take over most of your time and might also make you lazy. So it is better to adapt your body to a routine that helps you awake sooner in the mornings. For such instances, we present you with the best essential oils for sleepiness. These essential oils offer immense health benefits and are widely used for aroma therapy practices. So let’s get ready to explore the best of them.

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Bidding farewell to sleepiness and enjoying a refreshing morning is everyone’s desire before bedtime. But once the alarm clock rings more than 70% of people snooze it. So it is better to employ some remedies in your routine that instantly wake you up in the morning and combat sleepiness. Using refreshing and uplifting aromas in the morning helps a lot. It instantly enhances your mood, offers an energizing atmosphere, and is also effective in getting rid of your bed. These refreshing Aromas usually come from the best essential oils for sleepiness. So without any further delay check out the best scents for sleepiness.

Best Essential Oils For Sleepiness

The best essential oils for sleepiness usually awaken you in the morning, promote relaxation, and offer various complimentary benefits. They help in reducing the feeling of fatigue and dizziness. These essential oils also discard the feeling of being in bed all the time all the time. So here are the top 6 essential oils to combat sleepiness.

1. Lemon Essential Oil

The first and probably one of the most used essential oils for sleepiness is lemon Essential oil. Known for its refreshing fragrance, the Essential oil offers soothing effects and helps with reducing sleepiness. If you are struggling to stay alert in the morning and want an appealing Aroma then lemon Essential oil can be the one for you. It is primarily one of the best citrus essential oils and has an effective scent to wake you up. Not only this but studies have revealed that lemon Essential oil majorly helps to uplift your mood while offering an energizing fragrance it further reduces stress levels and keeps you away from being cranky and fussy in the morning.

The refreshing Aroma can be diffused in the morning as it keeps your rhythm stable and enhances positivity in your atmosphere. To use lemon Essential oil to combat sleepiness you can simply diffuse it in the morning once you wake up.

2. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Essential oil is another great addition to your routine if you are looking to combat sleepiness with an effective approach. The Essential oil provides a surprisingly energizing Aroma which is mainly used in aromatherapy practices. On another note eucalyptus Essential oil has been known for its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidative properties. These qualities of the Essential oil majorly help you get rid of sleepiness while helping you stay alert and active during the morning rituals.

Another set of studies has concluded the major effects of eucalyptus Essential oil as it primarily improves exciting nature and enhances your energy levels. So if you are willing to work in the morning and want something kinetic then eucalyptus oil can be your go-to. You can simply diffuse the Essential oil right after waking up in the morning. Or else combine eucalyptus Essential oil with water, add it to a spray bottle, and spray it around your house and you will feel the invigorating Aroma waking you.

3. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential oil is probably one of the most enlivening and refreshing Essential oil which is very popular in aromatherapy. Known for its cooling and sedative effects the Essential oil primarily clears out negative energy from your house and keeps you alert and awake in the morning. Not only this but the potent Essential oil is recommended for people who are addicted to sleep due to stress or anxiety factors. Well, the story doesn’t end here because peppermint Essential oil also contains menthol which serves as a cooling and refreshing agent for your body.

During summers diffusing peppermint Essential oil brings in cooling effects and also promotes an energizing atmosphere while electrifying your body for daily chorus.

4. Sweet Orange Essential Oil

How can we not mention the holy grail citrus Essential oil that is very popular to combat sleepiness? Sweet Orange oil is probably one of the best essential oils for sleepiness because the Aroma itself is a great choice for lazy lads. Being in bed for hours and acting like a sleepy bub may drain your energy over time. This can also diffuse your stamina levels thereby impacting your health. Thankfully with the prominent benefits of sweet Orange oil for sleepiness, there are no such occurrences henceforth.

Simply diffusing sweet orange Essential oil in the morning and inhaling the aroma invites a sense of harmony, concentration, and low stress levels. Not only this but sweet Orange oil also helps to improve athletic performance with its reviving and activating fragrance.

5. Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary as a herb is a beautiful addition to your meals especially for Italian recipes. But did you know that Rosemary Essential oil has several health benefits like combating sleepiness effectively so that you do not feel lazy or inactive? Surprising isn’t it? Well, Rosemary Essential Oil is a familiar one to many households. But not everyone is aware of its pick-me-up action especially in the morning to come back sleepiness.

Rosemary oil comes with a galvanizing and exciting fragrance that improves your mood and enhances your brain activity. It further improves your cognitive abilities, makes you feel awake, and works on your nervous system. Diffuse it in the morning right after waking up to feel its gorgeous benefits.

6. Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood Essential oil has a luxurious and rich fragrance which is great for meditation purposes. If you are someone who wakes up in the morning but still feels sleepy or lazy then sandalwood oil can be your saviour. The Essential oil promises high concentration levels by improving your focus and helping you meditate peacefully. That is the reason why sandalwood Essential oil is known as one of the best essential oils for spiritual connection. With its invigorating aroma, it balances your emotional well-being and also helps you fight sleepiness.

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No more sleepiness and staying in bed for hours because now you have the hang of the best essential oils for sleepiness. At Moksha Lifestyle, our essential oils are extracted using steam distillation methods which are best to get rid of lazy nature and feel refreshed.

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