10 Essential Oils For Thriving Indoor Plants

Thrive those indoor plants with the goodness of plants using essential oils. Are you confused about what we are talking about? Plant lovers can relate to the thriving period of indoor plants. It might vary from 15 days to months. Nowadays everyone loves keeping indoor plants to enhance their ambience and experience the benefits of plants. But thriving those indoor plants among the four walls of the house can be tricky. So what is the solution? Well look nowhere and check out the best essential oils for plants. Yes, you heard it right essential oils for plants might be a new concept for many of you but it has been used for a very long time for their effectiveness to thrive in indoor plants. The environment inside your house might be harmonious but keeping it well maintained with your plant health takes effort. Thankfully essential oils for houseplants are packed with a myriad of benefits.

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Essential oils for plants not only help to maintain their health but also bid farewell to plant pests and bugs. Additionally, some essential oils for indoor plants keep bugs, fleas, and insects at bay so that the plants can thrive for a longer time. On the other hand, if Essential Oils are used in large quantities they might damage or kill your plants entirely. So it is better to stick to Essential oil recipes for plants and use them in minimal quantities with proper application methods.

Today in this blog we will explore the best essential oils for plants along with their benefits and usage. Additionally, we will also have a look at the effects of Essential oils on your plant growth and how they nurture your plant internally. So are you ready to keep up with the list of essential oils for plants?

Are Essential Oils Safe For Plants?

Before digging into the list of essential oils for plants let us check out if essential oils are good for plants or not. Well, to be precise essential oils can maintain your plant health. Several essential oils are beneficial for various types of plants in different ways. Some help to thrive your plants in the indoor atmosphere while others are effective in battling pests like slugs ticks ants and mosquitoes. Some essential oils also help to eliminate the fungal growth in your indoor plants. If your indoor plant isn’t growing in its best capability then the best essential oils for plants help to energize them. Another batch of essential oils also helps to encourage the leaves’ health and makes them look shiny and luxurious.

10 Best Essential Oils For Plants

1. Clove Essential Oil For Plants

You might have heard of clove Essential oil as one of the very strong oils. Well, the Essential oil is an ideal choice when you interrogate fungal infection and bacterial growth on indoor plants. Studies have revealed that clove Essential oil helps to break down the fungal growth in your plants and helps them grow relentlessly. Clove Essential Oil is packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which reduces the growth of fungi in your premises and plants and keeps it safe. Further, it does not lead to any harm to your plants. It majorly helps to keep cockroaches and other insects at bay.

2. Peppermint Oil For Indoor Plants

Cooling Essential oil is the primary choice for the best essential oils for indoor plants. Peppermint Essential Oil is good for restricting infestation. It majorly targets the pesky insects bugs and spider mites. You can use peppermint Essential oil for indoor plants by making an essential Oil Plant spray recipe. However, the quantity of peppermint oil matters a lot. The Essential oil is loaded with the cooling compound known as menthol which repels pests and also keeps your plant smelling fresh.

3. Rosemary Oil For Plants

Herbal essential oils are truly the best when it comes to thriving indoor plants. Rosemary Essential Oil is one of the best Essential oils for dying plants as it brings them to life and tackles fungal growth. It also prevents the damage of indoor plants from Spider mites and keeps other pollutants at bay. The scent of Rosemary Essential oil is very grassy which mimics the qualities of indoor plants.

4. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is highly effective in thriving indoor plants within the four walls as it repels pests and maintains plant health. Studies have also revealed that spraying Lavender Essential Oil in your home periodically works as a great insecticide for flies. The anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and anti-microbial properties of lavender Essential oil promote a feeling of calmness and serenity in the house.

5. Basil Oil For Plants

Are you wondering about the usage of basil essential oil for indoor plants? Well, Basil oil is one of the best essential oils for house plants as it holds a unique scent that attracts pollinators in large numbers. Additionally, Basil Essential Oil also promotes plant growth and says no to the entrance of bugs and fleas.

6. Tea Tree Oil For Bugs On Plants

Before talking about the effectiveness of tea tree essential oil for indoor plants be sure of the quantity that you are using. Tea Tree Essential Oil is highly rich in anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties which have immense benefits for indoor plants. However excessive usage of tea tree Essential oil might burn the leaves of your plants and may degrade its health over time. On the other hand tea tree Essential oil also battles the fungus that occurs on the plant.

7. Spearmint Oil

Spearmint essential oil for plants is identical to peppermint essential oil and acts as an ideal pest repellent. Essential oil is mainly used to keep indoor plants safe and free from fungi and insects. It has major properties with a charming fragrance that keeps the feeling of depression and anxiety at bay. So using Spearmint Essential Oil comes with a wide range of benefits.

8. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Are you wondering if eucalyptus essential oil is equally effective as other essential oils for indoor plants? Well of course it is. Eucalyptus Essential Oil has amazing properties that repel space and also prevent fungal growth on indoor plants. It primarily acts as a potent essential oil to maintain the health of your plant.

9. Sage Essential Oil

Sage the essential oil has been on the list of the best essential oils for dying plants as it holds a distinct fragrance. Sage Essential Oil also attracts pollinators and helps to repel pest insects and spider mites. It majorly helps to cut off the entrance of flies, cutworms, chiggers and ticks.

10. Lemongrass Oil For Indoor Plants

Lemongrass essential oil serves as an ideal choice for indoor plants. If you are wondering what essential oils are safe for plants then lemongrass essential oil is needed. Lemongrass Essential Oil majorly works against mosquitoes, ants, spiders, and mealybugs to protect your plants.

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Using essential oils for plants might sound like a foreign business to many people. But do not worry because evidence has supported the usage of essential oils for indoor plants and their effectiveness in the long run. The only thing one should take care of is the quantity of essential oils. While using essential oils for dying plants be sure of the quantity and keep it as minimal as possible.

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