Amla Powder vs. Amla Oil: Which Is Better?

Have you ever wondered how our grand mass and animals used to have glossy shiny and thick hair without even using hundreds of hair care products? Do you know what is the secret for thick hair in their 50s with only a little white and all-black hair? Well, let us tell you that it is none other than the secret ingredient Amla. Yes, you heard it right. The powerful ayurvedic Indian herb Amla, which is commonly known as Indian gooseberry is a gem for your hair. Amla fruit is directly derived from the Amalaki plant and is widely used in hair care products like hair oils, hair masks, and other hair treatments. Amla has been used in several hair care rituals for a time in the memorial and is presently considered one of the best ingredients for your hair. It is an organic elixir which is rich in essential vitamins and nutrients. Not only this but our ancestors used to treasure this rich ingredient for centuries because of its remarkable benefits for hair and skin.

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Today in this post we will discuss Amla oil vs. Amla powder and how to use them for maximum benefits. While Amla as an ingredient is a great one for your hair, it does not hold countless differences between oil and powder. Both amla oil and Amla powder are great for your hair just that the usage is different and the treatment provides results after a few weeks. Using amla for hair has countless benefits and today will discover all of them. Along with that will also have a look at the usage of Amla powder vs. Amla oil. So, without any further delay let’s get started.

Benefits Of Amla For Hair

1. Amla For Premature Greying Of Hair

One of the major concerns that everyone faces these days is premature greying of hair. Due to a lack of a nutritious diet and antioxidant-rich food, the hare tends to become grey in the early 20s and 30s. Using amla for hair daily helps to nurture your hair well. You can also include Amla in your diet to get essential vitamins and nutrients that help to enhance your hair quality and texture internally. Several people drink Amla juice to reduce premature greying of hair. So now you know that amla for hair is a trusted remedy that has been used for ages to treat grey and white hair. In this case, you can utilize Amla powder for hair to treat premature greying. Simply combine a few herbs along with Amla powder and apply it as a hair mask to reverse the mature greying of hair.

2. Amla For Hair Growth

If your primary concern is hair loss and no new hair growth then you need to try Amla oil or Amla powder in your routine. The Amla powder versus Amla oil has a clear winner in this case. You can use Amla oil once or twice a week for hair growth and to tackle intense hair fall. Amla is rich in essential fatty acids and phytonutrients that help to maintain shiny, healthy, and strong hair in the long run. It penetrates deep into your hair follicles and encourages healthy hair growth in just a few weeks. Amla oil for hair also promotes healthy blood circulation in your scalp which enhances its capability to absorb nutrients and oxygens for healthy hair growth.

3. Amla For Soft Hair

The hair tends to get dry frizzy and damaged due to environmental pollutants and other factors. Amla when used in oil form is rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and major nutrients like vitamin C which helps to condition dry and damaged hair. Not only this but Amla also helps to condition your hair deeply and manages the dry and frizzy hair ends. All these nutrients present in Amla powder vs. Amla oil help to make your hair shine softer and healthier over time. In this case, you can utilize Amla oil for software or even Amla powder to condition your hair. Most people use Amla powder along with curd or buttermilk to nurture their hair roots and manage dry and frizzy hair ends.

4. Amla For Dandruff And Itchy Scalp

Did you know that you can use amla for treating dandruff and itchy scalp? Amla is rich in vitamin C and using it to reduce dandruff is one of the best choices that you can make for your hair care routine. It has anti-inflammatory antifungal and antibacterial properties which eliminate bacterial infection from your scalp and reduce the emergence of dandruff keeping flakiness at bay. Not only this but it also maintains the pH level of your scalp which helps in healthy hair growth and maintains the overall texture of your hair. Make sure to include Amla powder for hair in your routine as a hair mask as it helps to restore the shine in your hair and also eradicates dandruff issues itchiness and irritation in your scalp.

How To Use Amla Oil For Hair?

The debate of Amla powder versus Amla oil holds importance only because of its usage. While Amla oil is a liquid solution and extract of Amla the powder on the other hand is in dry form and has all the benefits of Amla in a dried version.

  • You can use Amla oil for hair by combining it with coconut oil or kalonji oil.
  • Alternatively, you can also make a DIY treatment for dandruff with Amla. Just combine Amla oil with Rosemary oil for dandruff or tea tree oil for dandruff to get rid of the issue.
  • Another way to include Amla oil in your hair care routine is by combining it with aloe vera gel and avocado oil to prepare a nourishing and conditioning hair mask.

How To Use Amla Powder For Hair?

How To Use Amla Powder For Hair?

While talking about Amla how can we forget about the usage of Amla powder for hair? Here are some of the ways to include Amla powder in your hair care routine for maximum benefits.

  • Simply combine 1 tablespoon of Amla powder with two tablespoons of curd and prepare a conditioning hair mask.
  • Another way to use Amla powder for hair is by mixing it with a few drops of tea tree oil or Rosemary oil. Along with this, you can add buttermilk to prepare a DIY hair mask for dandruff and dry hair.
  • The best way to use Amla powder for hair is by combining it with several herbs. Simply combine Amla powder, bhringraj powder, reetha powder, and shikakai powder along with water and let it sit overnight in an iron pan. This remedy works like a charm for grey hair.


We are finally nearing the end of the series and the differences between Amla oil and Amla powder. While there is no such visible difference between the two the only factor that differentiates them is their form. Both Amla oil vs Amla powder have amazing properties and nutritional benefits for your hair. So make sure to use them as per your requirements.

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1. Is Amla oil better than Amla powder?

Amla oil is a great solution if you need a quick hair treatment or skin treatment as it helps to boost your Hair follicles. It is like a superfood that instantly penetrates deep into your hair and begins its working. So at times, it is better than Amla powder.

2. Does Amla powder grow hair?

Yes, it does. Amla powder is referred to as a wonderful treatment for hair growth and reducing hair fall.

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