Best Belly Buddies: Essential Oils For Upset Stomach

Get over the tiredness of upset stomach and irritable bowel movements. It’s time to get up for a delish meal and say goodbye to the problems associated with an upset stomach. There’s nothing more words to feel bloated and gastric every time you have your favorite meal. This usually leads to stomach ache upset stomach and other tummy problems which can be quite unpleasant. But guess what we have got you covered today in this blog. All the peeps looking for a natural way to cure upset stomachs and get rid of tummy troubles should try this natural remedy. What is this natural remedy for upset stomach all about? It is the best essential oil for an upset stomach. Essential oils are a natural way to cure various digestive issues along with upset stomach and gastrointestinal problems. Without any medical intervention, you can simply use essential oils for pancreatitis and upset stomach to cure the problem from its roots.

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Are you excited to explore the best essential oils for upset stomachs? Well here is everything you need to know about essential oils and how they help to cure disorders related to your stomach including bloating, gas, and acidity.

Symptoms Of Upset Stomach

Many people have an upset stomach which leads to nausea and other issues but they usually do not identify it. Identifying the problem and working on the solution takes good time. So here we present some of the major symptoms of upset stomach which will help you identify the condition and how to deal with it.

  • You might feel like puking or vomiting just after you had your meal.
  • Motion sickness can take over your body.
  • You might feel constant pressure on your stomach.
  • Poor digestion is one of the major symptoms of upset stomach.
  • Your gut health might be disturbed to a great extent.
  • Acidity constantly.

Best Essential Oils For Upset Stomach

Essential oils are the natural essence of various plants and fruits. They are primarily extracted using the steam distillation method and hold the pure essence which is very strong and concentrated. Undoubtedly essential oils truly help to treat an upset stomach and also alleviate its symptoms slowly and gradually. So here are some of the best essential oils for upset stomachs.

1. Ginger Essential Oil For Upset Stomach

Are you stunned after hearing about Ginger Essential oil for upset stomach? Ginger has been used since ancient times for over 5000 years in India and China. It is preferred as a conventional medicine to boost your digestive system and to cure issues like gas and acidity. Not only this but ginger essential oil is considered one of the best essential oils to treat an upset stomach most naturally. Ginger Essential Oil for pancreatitis upset stomach is loaded with rich properties including an important antioxidant compound popularly known as gingerol. This rich compound helps to initiate the blood flow in your body and also reduces the discomfort associated with an upset stomach. What only this but dangerous Essential oil is also rich in anti-inflammatory properties which crackers stomach inflammation and bit farewell to disorders like acidity gas bloating and nausea.

2. Lemon Oil For Stomach Pain

How about trying lemon Essential oil for nausea and stomach pain and seeing the results in just a few seconds? Yes, you heard it right. Lemon Essential Oil for upset stomachs is a fabulous choice, especially for someone who deals with it regularly. Oil has a very fresh uplifting and stimulating fragrance which is considered ideal for treating motion sickness and feelings of nausea. Studies have revealed that having lemon oil in diluted form in herbal tease helps to reduce the symptoms of upset stomach and also promotes better digestion. Not only this but lemon oil can be really helpful to treat stomach pain during labor. It instantly brings a feeling of freshness and promotes mental awareness while also enhancing the energy levels in your body. You can use lemon Essential oil for upset stomach for the baby or yourself by diffusing it or adding it to your drinks. (Essential Oils are very strong and must be ingested after consultation with doctors in diluted form.)

3. Fennel Essential Oil

No one can forget the best times of their life when they used to take a handful of fennel after exiting from a hotel. Do you know why hotel authorities offer fennel as a way to show their supreme hospitality? The reason is quite interesting. After a heavy meal, everyone expects to feel a little lighter and it is immensely promoted by fennel seeds. Just like fennel seeds fennel oil is an incredible choice to deal with upset stomach and other symptoms associated with it. It majorly deals with vomiting nausea bloating acidity gas and heartburn issues. Apart from this Fennel Essential Oil also has antispasmodic and therapeutic properties which reduce abdominal spasms, promote bowel movements, and provide relief from digestive issues.

4. Chamomile Essential Oil For Cat Upset Stomach

Chamomile Essential Oil For Cat Upset Stomach

Chamomile Essential oil has a very sweet and fruity fragrance which has immense calming properties. Your rich Essential oil is great for cats’ upset stomachs and is also an ideal choice for human beings. Chamomile oil is packed with anti-inflammatory anti-microbial and anti-spasmodic properties which relieves indigestion heartburn issues acidity bloating and gas. Using Chamomile Essential Oil for an upset stomach is truly the best choice you can make to ease various symptoms.

5. Peppermint Essential Oil For Infant Upset Stomach

Peppermint Essential oil is the one that comes from the mint family and is refreshing. Several people add one or two drops of peppermint Essential oil to their herbal tea to treat abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, feeling of vomiting, and other issues like headache and bloating. Peppermint Essential Oil as you all know has cooling properties that instantly provide relief from various digestive issues. The antispasmodic properties of peppermint oil maintain the gastric lining and keep your stomach in good health.

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When nothing works, essential oils for upset stomachs come to the rescue. It deals with digestive issues and upset stomachs, improves your overall health, and keeps you free from stress and anxiety. Try the best essential oils from Moksha Lifestyles for a baby’s upset stomach.

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