Cinnamon Oil: A Safe Solution For Mice Control

Mice in your house can destroy everything and might also segregate the garbage and food items. Once they enter your house, there is no going back because they are so rude to leave your place at any cost. So, for that, you must stick to some form of remedy to get rid of mice. In today’s editorial, we will learn about the best ways to get rid of mice naturally without using any toxic chemicals. Did you know that cinnamon which is a very popular kitchen spice is known to deter several insects along with mice and spiders? Recently a study has revealed that cinnamon oil for mice works well because mice cannot beard the scent of the Essential Oil. Not only this but mice are very stubborn and can take ages to leave your house. Once they enter, they usually find different openings from your residence to enter your kitchen and other areas.

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But if you want to repel mice and restrict their entrance into your house, use cinnamon oil. Cinnamon in any form is very beneficial to deter mice along with other insects as well. It is one Essential oil loaded with various benefits. So let us dive into the details of cinnamon oil spray for mice and the best way to use it for maximum efficiency.

Cinnamon Oil For Mice

Many of you may wonder if cinnamon oil is effective. Does cinnamon oil work and if it works how does it repel mice in the long run? A lot of questions might revolve in your mind. But fret not. We have answers to all of them.

Here are some of the major benefits of using cinnamon oil for mice:

  • Cinnamon oil as stated above, is a very strong condiment that is used in the kitchen for its exotic flavor and fragrance. The same cinnamon offers rich cinnamon oil which effectively repels mice bed bugs in sets flies mosquitoes and even spiders. It has a very strong flavor that mice hate.
  • Another point to note about the scurrying mice is that they can cause property damage eat your food and may also destroy the wires of appliances. Keeping them far away from your house can take a very long time. However, with the beneficial effects of cinnamon oil, you can do it seamlessly. Yes, you heard it right. Cinnamon oil has the power to repel those angry mice from your house with the strength of its fragrance. It is a piece of great news for humans but mice hate the fragrance and that’s why they do not come back if you use cinnamon oil at various places in your house.
  • How can we miss out on the various properties of cinnamon Essential oil for mice? Well, cinnamon oil does a great job of getting rid of mice as it suffocates the insects and makes them leave your house. Be it insects mice spiders or even another category that might be ruining your space you can use cinnamon oil to get rid of all of them. Once you see a mouse in your space they are unlikely to leave it because of their stubborn nature. Thankfully cinnamon Essential oil does wonders with its powerful properties and the presence of active compounds in the Essential oil.
  • As mentioned above cinnamon Essential oil is packed with Cinnamaldehyde which is a very strong compound. The active compounds present in cinnamon oil effectively repel mice insects raccoons rabbits moles and even snakes. That’s quite interesting to note. The presence of various active compounds along with Cinnamaldehyde helps to destroy the fungus in your house which further effectively repels mice.
  • On another note, cinnamon is one of the most amazing aromatic spices which is used in the kitchen for its unique flavor. Many of you might be thinking about how this kitchen condiment might help you repel and eliminate the entry of mice into your house. Well, all the power stays inside the Essential oil which is the essence of the evergreen plant of cinnamon. The essence which is the cinnamon Essential oil serves as a natural insect repellent for various insects. Of course, we must take advantage of that it effectively deters mice as well.

How To Use Cinnamon Oil For Mice?

How To Use Cinnamon Oil For Mice?

There might be several ways to use cinnamon oil for mice but the best ones are listed below. By using these remedies, you can get rid of the mice that might be wandering around your house like a traveler. If you are confused about the usage of cinnamon oil for mice then make sure to check out these remedies.

  • The best way to use cinnamon oil is to make a cinnamon oil spray for mice. Sounds amusing. Isn’t it? Well, for this remedy you need 10 drops of cinnamon essential oil and water in a spray bottle.
  • Simply combine cinnamon essential oil in water and cover it with the lid. Now shake it well.
  • Spray it around the corner of your house to restrict the invasion of mice.
  • You can also spray it in your garden to repel flies and other insects.
  • Another way to use cinnamon for mice then you can also use cinnamon sticks.
  • Cinnamon sticks are great for repelling mice.
  • To use it for maximum benefits you can bind the sticks of cinnamon with a thread and keep it in the area where mice usually enter.
  • This way mice will stay away from your house.

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Undoubtedly cinnamon oil is a noncontroversial solution to get rid of those tenacious rodents, mice, and insects. Using it after dilution or even in its purest form offers benefits like never before. Cinnamon oil is a powerhouse of rich compounds and nutrients that are beneficial for humans in the long run. But, when considering it for insects and mice they are not a great choice. So, ultimately they repel insects and that’s why essential oils are hyped for their benefits. To order pure and high-quality essential oils you can visit us at Moksha Lifestyles.

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