From Aches To Ease: How Essential Oils Can Help With Growing Pains

Parents are always concerned about their children’s health especially when their little one is suffering from any kind of pain. They usually get uncomfortable seeing their child in growing pain and this is quite evident in adults too. Nowadays the problem of growing pains can be quite intense in some cases. If you are wondering about a holistic approach towards growing pains then you are at the right spot. Aromatherapy helps to tackle the problem of growing pain and also clears it over time. So today we will discuss the best essential oils for growing pain in kids along with their essential properties that are beneficial in the long run.

Experts have already revealed the phenomenal benefits of essential oils to put growing pains at bay. They are recommended time and again because of their natural pain-relieving properties which enhance your overall health and also reduce the chances of pain in kids and adults. Let’s uncover the truth about growing pains.

What Is Growing Pain?

Growing pain is a condition that usually occurs in children of age group 3 to 5 and 8 to 12. So this condition is quite common when your child is growing and experiences various issues. However proper evidence is still needed to consider the validation of growing causes of pain. In some conditions, growing pains are directly linked to a concern known as restless leg syndrome. This condition usually leads to pain in muscles and joints. Some of the major symptoms of growing pains include:

  • Constant urge to swing legs
  • Discomfort in abdomens
  • Stiffness in knees thighs and calves
  • Intense pain in the leg area
  • Throbbing sensation in legs

One thing that every month must known that is the condition of growing pains is easily predictable in both the legs. It doesn’t happen in one. Also, this pain is combined with other major symptoms including redness swelling, and inflammation. The condition is severe one must always consider consulting with a physician before indulging in any natural remedies.

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However, if you trust the approach of aroma therapy practices then nothing better than using the best essential oils for growing pains.

6 Best Essential Oils For Growing Pains

Here are 6 best Essential oils that help to combat growing pains effectively and also treat the symptoms.

1. Lavender Essential Oil

The holy grail and go-to option for many people out there is lavender Essential oil. Lavender oil comes under the category of best essential oils for growing pains as it tackles the pain and swelling associated with the concern. Additionally, studies have revealed that lavender Essential oil is packed with pain-relieving, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and soothing effects. These come in very handy to tackle growing pain in kids. Also, Lavender Essential Oil is known to be an ideal choice for aroma therapy massages due to its coming and relaxing properties. Studies have revealed that using lavender Essential oil for growing pain in kids helps to relieve the pain in the long run and also provides relief instantly.

2. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Another Essential oil that adds to the list of best essential oils for growing pains is Eucalyptus oil. Valued for its cooling and antifungal properties eucalyptus Essential oil mimics the qualities of peppermint oil. The Essential oil is widely recognized because of its pain-relieving and calming properties. It majorly tackles the inflammation, stiffness, and soreness that are directly linked to growing pains in kids. A study recently revealed that people who use Eucalyptus Essential Oil after their surgery experience less pain and inflammation as compared to those who do not use it. It majorly impacts the condition of throbbing sensation in the legs and reduces it over time. Undeniably the Essential oil serves as an ideal aroma therapy massage oil combined with carrier oils like coconut oil, olive oil or sweet almond oil.

Studies have also revealed that eucalyptus Essential oil deeply soothes the stiff muscles reduces the throbbing sensation and also relieves pain with consistent usage.

3. Peppermint Essential Oil

Another Essential oil that is identical to the properties of Eucalyptus oil but has its charm is peppermint Essential oil. Loaded with cooling properties and a vital compound known as menthol, peppermint Essential oil does the job of reducing numb and painful muscles. The presence of menthol in Peppermint Essential Oil eases joint pain muscle pain and throbbing sensation due to growing pains in kids.

Additionally serves as an ideal choice for people dealing with various digestive issues that include acidity, gas, bloating, and stomach pain. On another note Essential oil also acts as a cooling agent for your skin to relieve inflammation and itchiness. Overall it is a must-have to tackle various concerns without being overpowering for your body

4. Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger Essential Oil

Did you know that Ginger Essential oil also counts as one of the best essential oils for growing pain in kids? Although one must use essential oils for kids after proper dilution the benefits of the best Essential oils are beyond explanation. Ginger Essential Oil specifically tackles conditions such as nausea, dizziness, and congestion. It also provides relief from growing pain in kids with its intense warming properties. Not only this but the Essential oil also improves the condition of disability in children and tackles lower back pain, stiffness in joints, and muscle pain with regular usage. Various studies have revealed that using Ginger Essential Oil for a Swedish massage or Thai massage serves as an effective option to deal with growing pain.

5. Rosemary Essential Oil

Herbal essential oils are never out of the walk and Rosemary oil is a clear example of the same. Rosemary Essential oil is packed with antispasmodic, pain relieving, and therapeutic qualities which majorly tackle growing pain in kids. Additionally, the Essential oil also reduces muscle soreness and intense pain after surgery. In a recent study, evidence has found that using Rosemary Essential Oil reduces the chances of stiffness in muscles and also keeps inactivity at bay.

6. Marjoram Essential Oil

Have you heard of marjoram Essential oil? As per researchers marjoram Essential oil is similar to Rosemary Essential oil in its properties and provides relaxing effects. Not only this but the Marjoram Essential Oil also has pain-relieving and anti-spasmodic properties that tackle pain in muscles and minimize the risk of growing pain in kids.

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The bottom line of the best essential oils for growing pains isn’t the Essential oil. It is the quality of essential oils and the techniques to use them effectively for better results. You might find essential oils anywhere but the quality, authenticity, and techniques to use them differ from person to person. So it is better to make a safe decision by sticking to quality-oriented products available only at

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