Healing Hounds: Best Essential Oils For Dog Hematoma Relief

Hematoma in dogs is widely prevalent these days. Scary isn’t it? Many people wonder if dogs also get the condition of hematoma in their life or if is it just a myth. Well as per research you might notice swelling around your dog’s ear which might also look like a blister and appear red all over. This is the condition of ear hematoma in dogs. It is very important to check if the hematoma in the dog is in its initial stage or not. Make sure to consult your veterinarian before indulging in remedies as dogs might be allergic to natural remedies in some cases. Let us now explore the condition of hematoma in dogs along with the best essential oils for dog hematoma.

Dogs suffer from hematomas usually in their ears and that’s why it is known as aural hematoma. This condition results in the accumulation of clusters of blood inside the ear flap between the skin and the cartilage. Since the blood clots it usually leads to swelling and lumpy sensation in your dog’s ear. It is very important to consider this condition before it gets worse. Ear Hematoma in dogs is highly flammable and very painful. It can lead to intense swelling and excruciating pain and the condition might be alarming. So as dedicated pet owners, one should not leave it untreated at any cost. Today in this post we will discover the best essential oils for dogs’ hematoma along with the best ways to use them.

Symptoms Of Hematoma In Dogs

By now you already know about Hematoma in dogs. It is now time to check out the major signs and symptoms of dog hematoma. Here we go

  • Dogs might experience extreme itching sensation in their ear
  • Constant scratching
  • Head shaking at all times
  • Tilting their head without any reasons
  • Ear flaps filled with pus-like fluid or blood

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So these are some of the major indicators that you might discover if your dog is suffering from Hematoma. The condition should be diagnosed ASAP to tackle the symptoms before they get to another level. Of course treatments from the vet are considered to be the best ones. But if you want an at-home remedy that can ease your dog’s anxiety due to Hematoma then definitely try these essential oils. The best essential oils for dog Hematoma are always to the rescue as they do not lead to any side effects if used optimally after dilution. Not only this but these essential oils for dog Hematoma are 100% safe naturally extracted and serve as an ideal natural remedy. So, let us check them.

Best Essential Oils For Dog Hematoma

Here are some of the natural remedies or essential oils that you might employ to treat dog Hematoma.

1. Rose Essential Oil

If you need an Essential oil to calm your dog’s anxiety when they are suffering from Hematoma then rose essential oil might be their best friend. Studies have proven that rose Essential oil has calming properties along with an exotic fragrance that helps to calm the anxiousness in dogs. Not only this but Essential oil also proves to be an effective choice to treat Hematoma without overpowering the body. Another set of studies has also concluded that the Essential oil relaxes your dog’s mind and keeps them happy so that they do not think of the pain associated with Hematoma.

2. Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger essential is another ideal way to treat Hematoma in dogs. If your dog is suffering mainly from aural Hematoma then Ginger oil can prove to be a great option as it is loaded with exceptional properties. Yes, you heard it right. Ginger Essential Oil has anti-inflammatory qualities along with major nutrients and antioxidants that reduce the chances of bacterial growth in your dog’s ear. While all this isn’t enough the Essential oil also helps to manage the pain and swelling associated with dog Hematoma.

As per recent studies, dog Hematoma can be due to viral ear infection and other reasons that might degrade your dog’s health. Thankfully with the upcoming nature of essential oils, you can escape from the harsh effects of dog Hematoma very easily. Of course, one should not escape the wet consultation while trying out the natural remedies for Dog Hematoma.

3. Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile Essential Oil

Frankly, there are not so many options available to treat dog Hematoma using essential oils. But if you still want to choose the one that performs in action and shows results then chamomile Essential oil proves to be an excellent one. Chamomile Essential Oil is composed of various properties that nurture your dog’s health exceptionally well without caring for them in any way. However, as experts, we always recommend you avoid the topical application of essential oils for dogs. The essential oils for dogs are way too strong and might lead to skin irritation or inflammation in your little pugs. On another note, if your vet has suggested the usage of essential oils for dogs then use it after proper dilution.

4. Frankincense Essential Oil

Another very important yet gentle Essential oil for dogs is frankincense oil. Sentences Essential oil turns out to be the one that you can diffuse around your dogs so that they feel less anxious and stressed about their condition. Researchers have proven that frankincense Essential oil for dogs is a safe option if diffused or used after proper dilution. Hematoma might lead to bruises in your dogs which might trap the blood at times or may even trigger year infections or other bacterial growth. Thankfully, frankincense oil treats all these conditions without any severe effects on your dog’s body.

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Hematoma is a very serious skin condition that might also result in clotting or weeping of blood quite often. While human beings face it more than often it is quite evident in dogs as well. So as a pet owner, it is your responsibility to check if Hematoma is evident in your dogs or not. If you notice any such symptoms related to Hematoma then make sure to consult a vet for the list of treatments available.

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