How Essential Oils Can Help Fight Drug Addiction?

Individuals who have been through drug or alcoholism therapeutic interventions recognize that now the encounter may be a harrowing one that most people are dealing with neglect. Whenever you attempt to overcome your addictive behavior, you could very well experience a lot of temptations, notably, once drawdown begins. It will really make it more challenging to help you overcome your addictive nature. Withdrawal symptoms and wants are incredibly crucial when alcoholism is intense. They may result in a recurrence if not treated skillfully. And over 20 million individuals across the nation are guesstimated to be dependent on either drugs or alcohol, with more than 5 million conceded to narcotic rehabilitation centers as a result of a heroin overdose.

While many people are addicted to drugs and are admitted to hospitals, not everyone achieves the results. There are only a few who get to find peace whilst avoiding their drug addiction.

Even though some treatment modalities focus solely on the physical problems as well as the alcoholism on its own, a naturopathic rehab facility prefers to cure the whole human. Boosting their overall health encompasses their external, emotional, devotional, and physiological state. A balanced approach considers the patient’s individual essence as well as their lifestyle quality. To just that end, natural oils popularly known as essential oils are an effective instrument for solidifying the psychological consequences of conquering any addictive behavior. Essential oils encourage a healthy balancing act and sentimental tranquility, thereby making it difficult for negative energies or deleterious flashbacks to take root in the body. Essential oils can also certainly assist with emotional stability.

How Do Essential Oils Work For Addiction Recovery? Benefits Of Essential Oils For Addiction Recovery.

When utilized as guided, essential oils are usually harmless and might even endorse a diverse range of health benefits, according to data analysis. Natural oils have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties, and they also have the ability to influence your emotional health.

Essential oils are very helpful in reducing drug addiction and any other addiction that you might be suffering from. Here are some benefits of using essential oils for addiction:

  • Helps you to relax
  • Tackles depression
  • Reduces anxiety signs
  • Boosts your mood
  • Fixes your sleep pattern
  • Eases nausea 
  • Calms feelings of stress

Top 5 Essential Oils For Addiction

1. Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger oil is widely recognized for its strong natural antioxidant abilities which can assist the body in detoxifying the body. This oil aids in the suppression of addictions as well as the management of side effects all through withdrawal syndrome.

Several studies have shown that ginger essential oil protects the internal organs, and alcohol and drug addiction has emerged as a huge issue in our way of life. And since drinking too much alcohol could indeed damage the liver, this essential oil might very well support liver healing.

Other advantages of ginger oil encompass stronger immune activity, improved intestinal health, and aiding in the alleviation of anxiety, strain, and feelings of hopelessness.

2. Lavender Essential Oil

Drug addiction is possibly becoming one of the great problems that youngsters are facing these days. Not only drugs but alcoholism is also creating a huge space in their mind. Keeping all this in mind, we found that lavender essential oil for addiction can be a great choice.

This volatile oil is well-known for its calming qualities. It aids an individual enduring treatment for alcoholism in achieving a feeling of tranquillity, improving their capability to communicate effectively, and allowing them to converse with their own reality of the situation. It is additionally necessary before falling asleep because of its relaxing attributes, which aid in deep relaxation and serenity.

3.  Rosemary Essential Oil

Herbal essential oils are worth every penny as they promote the feeling of calmness and a stress-free environment. You can simply diffuse this oil and feel the calmness around yourself.

Rosemary essential oil may be beneficial for anxiety and depression relief. Numerous findings demonstrate that rosemary oil can help with pain management. According to one analysis, rosemary oil can help decrease the intensity of opioid withdrawal effects. Researchers discovered that the individuals who were offered rosemary essential oils have already experienced improved and calming sleep and lower body aches versus the bunch of people that did not receive rosemary essential oil.

4.  Peppermint Essential Oil

You can never stay away from the amazing benefits of peppermint essential oil. From fighting your body problems to keeping you stay relaxed and calm, peppermint essential oil does it all for you without any credits. Who knew that this bountiful essential oil might also work for reducing drug addiction?

Professionals use peppermint essential oil to combat vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. Peppermint’s essential oil and other therapeutic effects entail pain management. It also has the potential to relieve migraine, making it an excellent oil for someone experiencing drug treatment. A few droplets of this active ingredient have a comforting and relaxing effect and help ease a variety of physical sufferings. Aside from its health advantages, this essential oil has an emotional impact, which indicates this could drastically enhance clients’ moods, encourage mental sharpness, as well as introduce buoyant force and happiness.

5. Black Pepper Essential Oil

Tobacco and drinking withdrawal effects are all quite excruciating and long-lasting, hence why so many people still struggle with addictive behavior.

Black pepper essential oil is a successful therapy for withdrawal effects. It is effective for patients undergoing smoking and liquor drawdown remedies.

This oil encourages confidence and affection. It promotes the expression of pain and anguish, two of the most recurring themes that addicted people attempt to stop or conceal, deriving from their addictive disorders. As once grief and sadness have subsided, this volatile oil enters the picture and fosters more faith and confidence, which could also aid in the rebuilding of successful relationships.

DIY Home Remedies For Drug Addiction | Essential Oil Recipes To Quit Drug & Alcohol Addiction

DIY Home Remedies For Drug Addiction | Essential Oil Recipes To Quit Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Recipe 1 – Calming Diffuser Blend


  • 2tsp of carrier oil (any)
  • 3 drops of Peppermint essential oil
  • 3 drops of Ginger essential oil
  • 3 drops of Lavender essential oil
  • 3 drops of Lemon essential oil


  • In a container add all the essential oils.
  • Stir them well until combined.
  • Now diffuse it in your diffuser as per the instructions.
  • You can also add a tsp of any carrier oil as well.
  • Inhale the soothing aroma of this blend to get rid of negative thoughts and withdrawal symptoms.

Recipe 2 – Comfort Massage Oil

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  • In a glass container add coconut oil.
  • Now add all the essential oils to it.
  • Close the lid and shake the container well.
  • You can also keep this blend in sunlight for 2-3 days if possible.
  • Once everything is ready, massage this oil on your body during bedtime to enhance the benefits of essential oils.

Things To Keep In Mind While Using Essential Oils For Drug Addiction.

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  • Essential oils are only for external use and should never be ingested
  • Store essential oils out of reach of children and store them apart from other products.
  • Some essential oils can be fatal to pets and therefore always research before using them.
  • Essential oils must always be diluted before applying to the skin as they are highly concentrated as can cause irritation. You can dilute them in a carrier oil of your choice and the max concentration of essential oils should be 3-4%.
  • Always do a patch test before applying to larger areas of the skin.
  • It is unclear what effects essential oils have on pregnant and breastfeeding women. While some consider them safe, many doctors advise pregnant women to avoid the use of essential oils.
  • Always buy pure essential oils and stay away from fake counterparts as they don’t contain the same therapeutic benefits.


Essential oils might be a choice for you when you’re searching for an organic method of relieving liquor or narcotic withdrawal signs. Someone who suffers from depression or anxiety can benefit from essential oils. They can indeed assist you when you are experiencing terrible insomnia or need additional assistance to reorient your thoughts on healing and distance yourself from your alcoholic or drug addictions.

Natural oils can assist you to take responsibility for your health as long as you use them correctly. Utilizing natural essential oils for addiction treatment could be an excellent method for controlling side effects while on the path to recovery.

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