Is Lavender Essential Oil Good For Your Face?

Skincare is subjective. When we talk about skin, there are so many points that you have to take care of. From eating good food to ditching unhealthy lifestyles and using the best essential oils for your face, everything matters for your skin. Especially while using skin care products with natural ingredients you have to be very careful about how your skin reacts to the same. Thankfully, in the era of bougie skin care products, we have natural and organic essential oils for the face. One such Essential oil is lavender Essential oil for the face. Lavender Essential oil benefits for the face are incredible and you will be amazed to know that some of them truly make a drastic change in your skin. Do you not believe it? Try it yourself and experience the commendable lavender essential oil benefits for the face.

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Studies have revealed that using lavender Essential oil for the skin brings amazing benefits. It helps to reduce skin pigmentation, dark spots, dullness, and acne scars. Not only this but lavender Essential oil for the face also helps to reveal glowing and radiant skin. Many people use lavender Essential oil for face moisturizer to brighten and hydrate their skin. Lavender Essential oil properties for the face will blow your mind. But before that let us understand more about lavender Essential oil and where it comes from. In the coming section, we will discuss the amazing benefits of lavender essential oil for the face and how to use lavender Essential oil for the face.

Is Lavender Essential Oil Good For Your Face?

It turns out that this little magic potion is truly a game-changer for your skin. And of course, lavender Essential oil is good for your face as it boasts strong anti-microbial, antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory qualities. All these properties of lavender Essential oil for the face work together in unity to nurture your skin. The lavender Essential oil properties for the face offer a wide range of benefits for your skin including skin brightening, skin lightening, reduction of dark spots, and acne scars. Using lavender Essential oil for the face helps to treat damaged skin barrier and also tackles troubled skin conditions.

If you are dealing with Eczema, psoriasis, skin aging, saggy skin, or rosacea, you can try lavender Essential oil for your face. The benefits of lavender Essential oil for the face also include its ability to deal with minor cuts, wounds, injuries burns, and even insect bites. So, undoubtedly lavender Essential oil for skin is a gem that you need in your life.

Lavender Essential Oil Benefits For Face

Lavender Essential oil is one of the most popular essential oils in the era. It is usually harvested from the fields without any machinery. The lavender flowers are tied in a bunch to air dry for a few weeks. Once they are dried completely the experts induce the steam distillation method to extract the pure essence of flowers. The steam that comes from this method then turns into hydrosol and the other drops of lavender Essential oil are separated to form the Essential oil. So, now that you have gathered the much-needed information about lavender Essential oil, let’s have a look at the benefits of Lavender oil for the face:

1. Lavender Essential Oil For Dry Skin And Face

If you have extremely dry skin with patches and itchiness all around then, lavender Essential oil might help you. Lavender oil brings relief to your skin and instantly relaxes the inflamed area. Not only this but it does an excellent job of balancing the moisture level in your skin. You can simply use lavender Essential oil for face moisturizer by mixing a few drops of the oil in your regular moisturizer. Lavender oil will heal itchy and dry skin areas. It promotes instantly soft and smooth skin in just a few applications.

2. Lavender Essential Oil For Acne

Several people these days deal with acne and other skin conditions linked to pimples and hyperpigmentation. Thankfully lavender Essential oil is the perfect option to fight acne. Acne in your skin doubles up when the skin lacks moisture and oil. Dry skin begins to produce excess sebum which leads to pimples and acne. This also makes clogged pores evident and damages your skin condition. Lavender Essential oil is non-comedogenic and helps to clear your pores while dealing with acne. Lavender Essential oil is also antibacterial which helps to destroy the acne-causing bacteria in your skin. There is a reason why this lilac color flower is very hyped these days. It has to prevent breakouts, reduces acne, and instantly soothes your skin.

3. Lavender Essential Oil For Damaged Skin

Lavender Essential oil for face benefits includes its ability to reduce wounds and heal cuts and burns along with other skin injuries. As per studies, lavender Essential oil is known to be highly antiseptic which helps to heal your skin faster than ever. It also reduces the chances of further skin infection. Using lavender Essential oil for minor cuts and abrasions would help to heal your skin. Also, you can combine lavender Essential oil with rosehip oil or your regular body lotion to get instant results.

4. Lavender Essential Oil For Wrinkles

Did you know that you can use lavender Essential oil to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging? Major studies have revealed that lavender Essential oil is a rich source of potent antioxidants and phytochemicals that help to tackle the symptoms of premature aging. The strong antioxidants present in lavender Essential oil fight free radical damage in your skin which is majorly triggered by environmental factors including pollution and UV rays. Nurturing your skin with potent and quality ingredients like lavender Essential oil would help. It helps to reduce fine lines, dark spots, age spots, under-eye bags, and wrinkles. Make sure to use lavender Essential oil in a limited quantity as it is very potent and might cause irritation in your skin if not diluted properly.

Is Lavender Essential Oil Safe For The Face?

Is Lavender Essential Oil Safe For The Face?

Now you might be thinking if lavender Essential oil is safe for your face or not. Well, the oil when used at its best and in minimal quantity helps to tackle a lot of skin conditions. As per experts, lavender Essential oil is safe for your face. But to be on the unaffected side make sure to do a patch test using lavender Essential oil. The oil is loaded with turns of qualities including anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-microbial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties. All these qualities of lavender Essential oil help to prevent several skin conditions along with skin injuries and other Hair Care problems.

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The amazing benefits of lavender Essential oil for the face are undoubtedly countless. This makes it one of the widely recognized ingredients in the beauty industry. If you are looking to burst the magic of this bloom for your skin, body, and hair make sure to get a pure one from Moksha Lifestyle.

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