Nurturing The Nerve: Best Essential Oils For Vagus Nerve Health

Recently doctors and physiotherapists have been paying much attention to the vagus nerve. Do you wonder what this nerve is all about? Today we will discuss everything about the vagus nerve and its portent remedies to accelerate its process. Before moving a head letters deep dive into the explanation of the vagus nerve. Studies have demonstrated that the vagus nerve is considered one of the foremost nerves in the parasympathetic nervous system. This nerve is highly responsible for accelerating bodily functions that include the digestive system, smooth heart rate, immune system, and mood swings. Additionally, the vagus nerve is also known as one of the longest nerves in your body. So, it becomes very important to keep a check on your health. In this case, the essential oils for the vagus nerve come to the rescue. in the brain stem. Any damage or difficulty in the vagus nerve can cause serious concern.

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Essential oils have been used for centuries because of their exclusive benefits. Not only this but they also promote an incredible healing process while soothing your vagus nerve without damaging your health. Many people aren’t aware of the aroma therapy practices using essential oils that calm the vagus nerve and also bring in prominent benefits. Are you ready to explore all of them today? Aroma therapy will exceptionally guide you to automate your nervous system by engaging the vagus nerve. These essential oils are meant to calm your nervous system. Further, they restrict the encouragement of any foreign disease that might potentially harm your brain.

Best Essential Oils For Vagus Nerve

Here are some of the top essential oils for the vagus nerve.

1. Peppermint Essential Oil For Vagus Nerve

Known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, the essential oil has major properties to deal with the conditions associated with the nervous system. Yes, that’s true. While you might be wondering about the remedies or treatments for the vagus nerve, the essential oil unknowingly does the job. It stimulates your muscles, calms the nervous tension, and promotes the regeneration of cells. Not only this but the cooling properties of peppermint Essential oil serve as an ideal choice to soothe nervous inflammation. Peppermint oil possesses a natural cooling compound known as menthol which majorly cools the skin and your internal system quite well.

Using peppermint essential oil for the vagus nerve is the best thing you can do. Simply dilute the essential oil and apply it to your head. Or else you can also diffuse peppermint oil to gain its reaping benefits.

2. Lavender Essential Oil For Vagus Nerve

If you are wondering what essential oils are good for the vagus nerve then lavender essential oil might help you. Are you thinking how? Well, lavender essential oil possesses mind-blowing properties that help to soothe the vagus nerve and infections in your body. Apart from this, the essential oil is loaded with anti-inflammatory antifungal antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties that immensely help to prevent nervous tension. Any particular condition related to the vagus nerve can be easily cured using lavender Essential oil. Studies have found that Lavender oil for the vagus nerve is recommended by top specialists and doctors as well.

3. Rosemary Essential Oil

Known for its herbal and grassy fragrance the essential oil promotes better mental health while invigorating the vagus nerve. Rosemary Essential Oil for the vagus nerve is widely recognized for its relaxing and stimulating properties that help to clear out mental trauma and promote cognitive abilities and mental clarity. Additionally, essential oil is an ideal one to be used to soothe the vagus nerve and to reduce nervous tension.

4. Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium Essential oil has a floral scent to it which majorly helps to harmonize and tone the vagus nerve. For people who are looking for an uplifting and soothing fragrance that promotes emotional well-being while reducing anxiety and stress then geranium Essential oil might help in the long run.

Studies have claimed that geranium Essential oil improves your mood and promotes a sense of well-being while improving your mental health to a great extent. If you’re wondering how to tone and uplift your vagus nerve for mental health improvement then target=”_blank”>geranium essential oil can be diffused. Alternatively, you can also dilute the Essential oil in a body lotion or massage oil and apply it on the affected area or near your head.

5. Neroli Essential Oil

Floral fragrances are never out of vogue and that’s where neroli Essential oil comes into the picture. Neroli oil has a balancing and soothing fragrance that instantly promotes relaxation and kicks off stressful situations. Studies have demonstrated that the floral fragrance of neroli essential oil instantly uplifts your mood reduces anxiety and also improves your cognitive abilities. So if you are a fan of essential oils that smell oh-so-luxurious and offer a phenomenal experience then neroli oil should be your go-to option.

Where To Apply Essential Oils For The Vagus Nerve?

Where To Apply Essential Oils For The Vagus Nerve?
  • To use essential oils for the vagus nerve you can follow these remedies.
  • Simply diffuse the best essential oils for the vagus nerve as per your choice and inhaler the aroma.
  • You can also create a DIY massage oil using the essential oils for the vagus nerve.
  • Another way to use essential oils for vagus nerve and nervous tension is to combine them with a body lotion. Once you combine a drop or two mix it well and apply it all over your body.
  • Combine 2 drops of your preferred essential oil along with a carrier oil and massage it on your head for calming sensations.

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Soothing those nerves without overpowering them is the only task essential oils perform the best. No wonder why people go gaga over their benefits. If you have been wondering to try the best essential oils for vagus nerve then visit us at We provide 100% pure and organic essential oils which are directly sourced from the farm. Our essential oils are extracted using the steam distillation method and the carrier oils extraction process is through cold-pressed.

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