Aromatherapy Soak: Essential Oils For A Blissful Detox Bath

Skin detox has become a common thing these days. People usually do it in salons through facials and other beauty treatments. Undeniably the skin detox treatment goes well in tackling several skin disorders. But have you ever thought about a detox bath that not only relaxes your mind but also pacifies the overwhelming feelings and keeps you grounded? Not everyone these days is aware of detox baths and today we are here to put some light on it. Detox baths might sound like a new concept to you but people have been doing it for ages to conquer phenomenal health benefits. So are you ready to get the best insights about the same? Today we will share the best essential oils for detox baths and how they benefit you in the long run.

What Is Detox Bath?

Essential oils in combination with Epsom salts are used to clean your body effectively and remove toxins. These are majorly the tickle points of a Detox bath and its benefits for your body. Various toxins and pollutants might enter your body and slow down the metabolism level leading to gastrointestinal issues or maybe creating a ruining pattern for your skin. In these conditions, Detox Bath comes to the rescue. Yes, you heard it right. The Detox bath using the best essential oils is a very relaxing therapy that detoxifies your body immensely eliminates impurities and rejuvenates your skin with its purifying nature.

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Detox bath is nothing but an extended form of yourbing time which takes it to the next level with the addition of the best essential oils. Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing bath session that refreshes the mind, body, and skin all at the same time?

Benefits Of Essential Oils For Detox Bath

Did you know that you can use the best essential oils for Detox baths as they host phenomenal benefits and also take your experience to the next level? Before jumping onto the list of essential oils for a Detox bath let us have a look at its benefits and how it helps the body to relax.

  • Essential oils are packed with the natural essence of plants which goes into your body during the Detox bath and refreshes it immensely.
  • Using essential oils for detox foot baths also relaxes your mind, tackles anxiety levels, and reduces the feeling of restlessness.
  • Studies have revealed that using essential oils for Detox baths majorly helps to rejuvenate your skin and clears out the gunk present in it.
  • Essential oils are powerful extracts of plants and therefore they are the best addition to your routine as they comfort your mind and provide relief from mental and physical conditions.

7 Best Essential Oils For Detox Bath

Are you wondering about the top essential oils for Detox baths and how they benefit you in the long run? Well, we have got you covered. There are some of the best essential oils for foot Detox baths.

1. Tea Tree Essential Oil For A Foot Detox Bath

Tea Tree essential oil is one of the best essential oils for foot Detox baths as it is packed with anti-inflammatory antifungal and antiviral properties. The essential majorly destroys the pollutants in your body and eliminates the toxins which helps in natural detoxification. Additionally, Tea Tree Essential Oil also restricts the growth of bacteria in your skin and restricts its multiplication which immensely helps to maintain good health.

In addition to all the goodness that tea tree Essential oil has it also treats a variety of skin disorders like acne pimples hyperpigmentation and dark spots. During the Detox bath, it effectively manages athletes’ feet and the potent antiseptic qualities eradicate impurities from the body. If you are keen to include tea tree Essential oil in your detox bath, simply add it to the bath salt or into the tub of water.

2. Peppermint Essential Oil For Detox Bath For Upset Stomach

There are times when people suffer from health conditions like upset stomach gastro intestinal issues and other digestive problems. In such situations, peppermint Essential oil comes to the rescue. The essential oil has antiseptic antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a useful component to get rid of various health conditions additionally peppermint Essential oil for the skin is also an ideal choice for people suffering from excess oil production Eczema Psoriasis and dermatitis regularly.

We are not done yet with the prominent benefits of peppermint Essential oil as there are tonnes of them available. Peppermint Essential Oil further manages your blood pressure reduces pain and also eliminates infections and toxins from your body.

3. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The very popular eucalyptus Essential oil has a great impact on various health disorders. Are you wondering how? Eucalyptus Essential Oil is mainly responsible for clearing out your nasal passages and boosting the immune system effectively. It further repairs the damaged skin barrier, takes care of your hair care concerns, helps you get rid of body care issues, and also serves as an ideal aromatherapy compound. Using eucalyptus Essential oil for a foot Detox bath is the best thing you can do as it has major energy-boosting and antibacterial properties. It prominently restores lost energy and also provides relief from mental fatigue while improving your cognitive abilities.

4. Lemon Essential Oil For A Detox Bath

Lemon Essential Oil For A Detox Bath

Talking about the best essential oils for a Detox foot bath how can we overlook the exemplary benefits of lemon Essential oil? Lemon oil is one of the most potent citrus essential oils which has a tangy Aroma that instantly uplifts your mind and spirit if you are having a bad day. Plus the important antioxidant properties of Lemon Essential Oil trees a variety of skin issues including hyper pigmentation dullness dark spots and breakouts. It eradicates the presence of destructive microorganisms in your body and promotes lymphatic drainage while assisting in liver detoxification.

5. Rosemary Essential Oil

Among the top used herbal essential oils Rosemary oil tops the list. Rosemary Essential oil supports the detoxification process and improves your overall health while fighting against infections in your body. Additionally, Rosemary Essential Oil also promotes blood circulation and reduces anxiety and stress levels.

You can use Rosemary Essential oil during your Detox bath by adding it to a bath salt or a few drops in your bathtub.

6. Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential oil comes under the list of best citrus essential oils and honestly, it works like a charm in the detoxification process. It enhances the activity of lymph nodes and also rejuvenates the lymphatic system in your body. Not only this but Grapefruit Essential Oil also promotes blood circulation and tackles issues like broken skin acne pimples skin allergies infections cellulite and fluid retention rate.

7. Orange Essential Oil

Another citrus Essential oil that does wonders for Detox baths and instantly uplifts your mood is orange oil. Essential oil is loaded with antioxidant antifungal and antimicrobial properties that not only tackle the fungal and bacterial infections in your body but also address a variety of skin disorders. Some of these skin issues include skin redness breakouts, hyperpigmentation, irritated skin, and inflammation. On another note Orange Essential Oil also protects from harmful UV rays of the Sun and its astringent properties naturally detoxify your skin and body.

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Essential oils are truly the one and only ones that help with the purification process and lead to intense detoxification of your body and skin. Using them wisely comes with a lot of benefits and we are all in for it. At Moksha Lifestyles, we aim to serve you with high-quality organic and toxin-free ingredients including essential oils, carrier oils, shea butter, cocoa butter, rose water, and much more.

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