Nausea Relief: Top Essential Oils For Easing Chemo Discomfort

Aromatherapy and several health diseases go hand in hand. Whether you are dealing with fatigue, dizziness, migraine issues, respiratory conditions, or even the side effects of chemo you can use essential oils for its treatment. Essential Oils facilitate faster treatment and provide an organic burst of goodness to your body. Additionally, these essential oils can be used in conjunction with the medical treatment for cancer to tackle its symptoms and side effects. For cancer patients, the journey towards a healthy body is quite challenging and painful in the long run. From going through a lot in their body to suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy it takes a hell lot of willpower and power to sustain the treatment. Thankfully we have the best essential oils for chemo nausea which are effective to treat the side effects of the therapy.

What Is Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy, as you all know is an important therapy, especially for cancer patients as it eradicates the cancer germs in the body by nurturing your nerves with powerful bacteria. The process mainly goes on the rule of tit for tat and that’s why the cancer germs are eliminated using germs through chemotherapy in the body.

Since the process is time-consuming and takes out all your energy and will to live, it is important to ensure that its side effects do not diminish your chances to live. That’s why today we present essential oils for nausea during chemo.

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These essential oils are volatile oils that are extracted from the parts of plants and hold the essence while benefiting your body. Not only this but it also enhances your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. As mentioned time and again chemotherapy usually takes all of your energy and leads to mental stress, so it is important to keep yourself calm with these Essential oils. So without any further dealer let us check out the best essential oils for nausea during chemotherapy.

Best Essential Oils For Nausea Chemo

(Disclaimer – The side effects of chemo nausea are dreadful. On the other hand, essential oils are also strong and extremely volatile. So make sure to consult your physician or doctor before using essential oils topically during the cancer treatment. One can diffuse it for several health benefits but topical application during chemotherapy is restricted.)

1. Ginger Essential Oil

The first on the list of best essential oils for chemonausea is Ginger oil. Ginger Essential Oil has been used for years for its analgesic and digestion-improving properties. The Essential oil visibly helps to promote good appetite and also relieves nausea and other effects of chemo. It not only treats dizziness and vomiting but also enhances bowel movements for better digestion. Overall using the Essential oil can help to reduce pain associated with chemotherapy. Additionally, it also ages anxiety enhances sleeping patterns, and reduces inflammation over some time.

2. Fennel Essential Oil

A recent study has revealed that fennel Essential oil for chemo nausea has been suggested by doctors because of its incredible properties. Yes, you heard it right. Fennel Essential Oil is frequently linked with the best source of nutrients and vitamins which helps to aid the digestion process. Not only this but the Essential oil for chemo nausea keeps the effects of chemotherapy at bay. It also improves the digestive tract which further prevents the chances of nausea. As per researchers using fennel Essential oil in a diffusion method majorly helps to relieve the feeling of helplessness, especially during the difficult chemotherapy.

3. Lavender Essential Oil

The OG Essential oil which has immense benefits for your body has incredible effects for chemo nausea. Well, that’s true. Lavender essential oil is undeniably one of the best Essential oils for stress and anxiety. Not only this but the relaxing properties of the Essential oil helps you feel at peace and calm during the painful chemotherapy. Using Lavender Essential Oil in a diffuser works as a great anxiety and stress reliever. It additionally fights chemo nausea, tackles dizziness, reduces the chances of vomiting, and also keeps you sane.

No wonder why people are obsessed with the influential qualities of lavender Essential oil for nausea during chemo. The potent Essential oil relieves anxiety and also tackles physical pain due to chemotherapy. You can use the Essential oil after combining it with carrier oil for a gentle massage on the painful areas.

4. Peppermint Essential Oil

A cooling Essential oil never goes out of league especially when we talk about chemo nausea. Peppermint Essential Oil is the one that keeps nausea at bay and is primarily considered a trusted remedy. As per studies, peppermint Essential oil helps to boost energy levels and also tackles dizziness, digestive problems, and nausea during chemo. There might be side effects due to chemotherapy and peppermint Essential oil manages all of it effortlessly. Additionally, the Essential oil uplifts your mood, enhances mental clarity, and cognitive abilities, and boosts energy. So, you can use peppermint Essential oil for nausea during chemo.

5. Cardamom Essential Oil

You might not be aware of the spicy effects of cardamom Essential oil for chemo nausea. Cardamom is a widely recognized spice that is majorly used for culinary purposes because of its unique flavor and fragrance. Additionally, the Essential oil extracted from the cardamom plant blends well with other essential oils and works as an ideal treatment for nausea during chemo. A recent study has demonstrated that Cardamom Essential Oil offers promising effects and works as an anti-nausea agent to treat the side effects of chemotherapy.

6. Lemon Essential Oil

How about including a citrus Essential oil in your routine especially when you are going through the tough phase of your life? While health conditions cannot be reversed, you can improve them over time by using the best essential oils for chemonausea. Lemon Essential Oil uplifts your mood and provides instant relief from the body pain that many people go through during Chemotherapy. Additionally, the Essential oil is used to relieve anxiety and stress triggered by destructive thoughts during chemotherapy. It majorly reduces inflammation, tackles the side effects of chemotherapy, and also minimizes the chances of frequent vomiting and dizziness.

How To Use Essential Oils For Nausea Chemo?

How To Use Essential Oils For Nausea Chemo?

Including essential oils in your routine especially during chemotherapy is quite a hefty task. One should always keep in mind the effects of essential oils on one’s body. If it helps to relieve the symptoms or side effects of chemotherapy then you can use it through a diffusion method. Simply diffuse the essential oils and inhale the soft fumes.

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Essential oils are concentrated extracts of plants. They are best used to relieve anxiety, stress, and other conditions. However, indulging in a high-quality essential oil treatment to relieve nausea during chemo is important. So, always opt for pure and organic essential oils and carrier oils only available at Moksha Lifestyle.

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